Birthday wishes for friend

A birthday is a great time to show your friends how much they mean to you. Send cute birthday wishes for friend and remind him that he is an important person in your life. Let them know that you want all their goals, hopes and dreams come true.  Warm and heartfelt wishes will brighten up the day for anyone. So if you are looking for inspiration to write a birthday greeting, we hope you will find some good ideas on this page.

Some centuries ago people...

Some centuries ago people thought it wasn’t possible to fly in the sky like a bird. But nowadays planes are very common phenomenon. I’m trying to say, that all dreams, even the wildest ones, may come true. You just have to believe and work on it. I will always be by your side. Happy birthday!

We’ve known each other for...

We’ve known each other for ages; we have shared a lot of special moments and overcome many ordeals together. And you know nothing has changed, you are still the same: a reliable friend and a great man. I wish you to never change. Happy birthday!

Usually people wish much...

Usually people wish much happiness to the birthday man. But happiness is an extremely broad definition and everyone have their own happiness. I wish you from all my heart to find something or someone who’ll make you really happy. Congratulations!

On your birthday, I wish that...

On your birthday, I wish that all your most cherished dreams would immediately come true this year, because the next year is going to bring you even more marvellous things to dream about and, what is more important, to make them happen. Happy birthday!

I wanted to wish you...

I wanted to wish you lots of happiness and joy,
friends and loving people around you,
may this day be the best!
Happy birthday!

My dear friend...

My dear friend,
You got older once again, I still remember the days when we were just little kids, wanting to meet up and play, but look at us now, all grown up, and now you got one year older, just like every year, happy birthday oldie!

You got through another day...

You got through another day,
but today is not an ordinary day..
It’s your birthday! And I wanted to wish you a happy one 🙂

Today is your special day...

Today is your special day, and today you have to be happy
you can’t be sad, cry or do any of those things,
because you have to be happy at least on your own birthday,
so let’s make it a happy one!

I wanted to see you today...

I wanted to see you today and wish you a big happy birthday, I wish that all of your dreams come true, because if they don’t we will make them happen! Happy birthday!

One day you will be old...

One day you will be old, but today…
Well, you only got older, and I hope that life
Brings you youth and happiness in your life!
Happy birthday!

Birthdays only happen...

Birthdays only happen once every year, and this day is special,
It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get older,
We all know it’s gonna happen, so happy birthday!

May you have an amazing...

May you have an amazing 18th birthday,
Because you only turn 18 once, and you can’t miss this chance
to be the happiest person on the planet! Happy birthday!

Every year we say...

Every year we say we are going to do great things,
But every year we get older and older,
So I wanted to wish you a happy birthday,
May all your wishes come true!

So, you’re finally old huh...

So, you’re finally old huh? Look at you, you’re all grown up now, I hope you are ready for the real world, because it’s not gonna be easy, but whatever you decide to do, I will have your back, happy birthday!

I wish that your birthday and...

I wish that your birthday and every day would be filled with sunshine,
smiles and laughter, sharing of love and joy.

Let your life be refreshing...

Let your life be refreshing like a stream,
Let it be keeping everyone warm like the sun,
And let it be making the world more beautiful and joyful, like flowers!

If life was a fairy tale...

birthday quotes for friend

If life was a fairy tale,
I would wish you to be the happiest person.
But life is a struggle,
So I wish you to be a winner.

Birthday wishes for friend...

Let the steps of your life be light and joyous,
Let the luck, happiness and love lead you all the time,
Never stop after the first failure,
Go on and seek for your dreams!

I send you birthday wishes so hot...

I send you birthday wishes so hot,
That the clouds would melt,
Rainbows would appear in the blue sky,
While any worries and sadness
Would vanish from your heart.

Love what is close to you...

Love what is close to you,
Cause everything, that surrounds you, is yours.
Enjoy every moment of your life,
Even those moments that are not encouraging.
Be happy without doubts!
Congratulations on your birthday!

Let your dreams always...

Let your dreams always help you.
Choose the most beautiful one, call it goal of your life,
And do your best that your dream would become reality!

Birthday quotes for friend...

I wish you big discoveries and tiny everyday joys.
I wish you big dreams and small miracles, because great things start with the small.
I wish you great achievements at work and a little rest, cause sometimes you need to stop.
I wish you lots of friends and few enemies, because they help you to improve yourself.
Happy birthday!

Let your birthday bring you...

Let your birthday bring you
Lots of joy and happiness.
Let your hard days flash by like a wind
And your happy days go slow.

The life of a person is measured...

birthday wishes for friend

The life of a person is measured
Not with the years, but with the footprint
That he leaves in other peoples’ lives, thoughts and hearts.
Have a lovely birthday!

May your works and ideas...

May your works and ideas be successful,
May the people that you love are happy,
May everything is going well in your life.
Happy birthday!

Be happy when the new day...

Be happy when the new day comes and goes to an end,
Be happy, have strength to meet small and big difficulties in your life path,
And what is happiness – joy without a reason, strawberry flavour, water ripple, bonfire, sunset,
When the heart is full of stillness and bliss.
Happy birthday!

People say that there is happiness...

People say that there is happiness, so be happy!
People say there is success, so let it go with you!
People say that there is love, so find it!


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Short birthday wishes

Happy is the person, who believes...

Happy is the person, who believes that the most beautiful years are in the future.
Let them be meaningful, joyful and sunny.
Let them be filled with love.
Happy birthday!

We all too often hurry to live...

We all too often hurry to live, but too rarely stop to enjoy what we have.
So i’d like to wish you:
More often stop and smell blooming flowers,
More often watch golden sunsets,
More often hug people that you love,
And walk barefoot through a dewy grass.
More often look at the starry sky,
More often forgive yourself and others,
And most important, more often realize, how wonderful your life is!

I wish you meet only good...

I wish you meet only good people on your way,
I wish you always have a home, where someone is waiting for you,
I wish there always would be hands, willing to hug you,
I wish you many days, which make your life beautiful.

There is one day in a year...

There is one day in a year, when the sun is smiling all day long,
And the stars are shining only for you.
There is one day in a year, when all beautiful wishes, smiles and flowers are given to you.
On your birthday I wish you everything that opens the doors of joy and happiness.

May love spark lit the fire...

May love spark lit the fire in your heart,
Keep you warm in the coldest night,
And make you feel a happy person.
Happy birthday!

To wish happiness is usual...

To wish happiness is usual,
To wish health is too early,
I wish you fire, burning in your heart,
And many good friends in your path of life!

Let your happiness be everlasting...

Let your happiness be everlasting like the sun,
And all the failures melt like the snow in your hands.
Happy birthday!

Although I’m neither a flower...

Although I’m neither a flower or a gift,
But I’m a message, sent from the heart,
Wishing to hug you and greet you
On your birthday!

On your birthday I wish you...

On your birthday I wish you happiness as big as the Earth and as bright as the Sun,
And it would last not only on your birthday, but all your life!

On the lovely occasion of your birthday...

On the lovely occasion of your birthday,
I‘d like to wish you lots of joy, happiness and strength.
Let all your hopes and dreams come true,
And plenty of good friends always be near you!

Never count the years...

Never count the years, rather count unforgettable happy moments and the wishes that came true.
Have a rocking birthday!

May it be the most happy birthday...

May it be the most happy birthday!
And may every new birthday be better than the previous one.
Celebrate everyday with good cheer, excitement, hope, delight, jokes and laughter!

Thinking of you on this special day...

Thinking of you on this special day, dear friend, and wishing you all the best in life!
May your birthday be as fascinating as you are!

May this birthday be special...

Congratulations on your birthday!
May this birthday be special, may it bring you something beautiful!
Let it be the day that you will never forget and always remember with a smile!

Wishing you true love, when you...

Wishing you true love, when you feel lonely,
Wishing you joy, when are downhearted,
Wishing you peace and hope, when everything seems empty,
Wishing you life, full of beautiful happy moments.
Happy birthday to you!

May you get everything that...

May you get everything that you wish for,
And may you choose the right wish, that will make you happy!
Remember that you‘ve got only one chance a year!

May you never lose the most...

May you never lose the most sunny smile of yours,
May you always be surrounded with good friends,
May your life be fulfilled with joy and laughter!
Wishing you the most happy birthday!

Congratulations on your birthday!...

Congratulations on your birthday!
Wishing that words troubles, sorrow, loneliness, pain, sadness and failure
Be erased from your dictionary of life.
Have a fabulous party and be happy!

Here are my wishes on your Big Day:...

Here are my wishes on your Big Day:
May your success double and joys triple,
May your sadness halve and your troubles disappear!

May you walk to the edge...

May you walk to the edge
And choose with no regrets.
May you live with purpose
And do what you love.
Stay blessed, my dear friend
And have an awesome birthday!

Wishing you a wildflower honey...

Wishing you a wildflower honey from a bee,
Wishing you a delicious fruit from every tree,
Wishing you a magic rainbow without rain,
Wishing you happiness that will never end!
Have a great great birthday!

On this special day you...

On this special day you can dance and sing like crazy,
Love and feel the joy of life, just like you‘ve never been hurt and disappointed,
Free your soul and be happy! Have an amazing birthday!

May you have all the gladness that...

May you have all the gladness that your heart can hold,
May you have all the blessings that life can unfold,
May you always get the best of everything!
Wishing you a fantastic Birthday!