Easter quotes for friends

Easter is joyful spring holiday, so share your happiness with your dear ones. It is a great time to let your friends know how much they mean to you by sending them warm and heartfelt wishes. On this page we present you a nice collection of Easter quotes for friends. We hope that you will find wishes that you like.  

Let the harmony and peace...

happy easter card

Let the harmony and peace blossom in our hearts. Let the light of Christ’s resurrection fill our homes with hope. Have a joyful Easter!

I wish that the Holy Easter morning...

I wish that the Holy Easter morning bells and psalms brought hope, peace and goodness to your home.
Wake up our souls for love, kindness and joy.
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter – the first flower...

Happy Easter – the first flower blossoms hail,
Happy Easter – the returning birds sing,
Happy Easter – the warm Sun’s beams greet.
Congratulations with the most beautiful spring festival – Easter.

The revived nature comes with...

happy easter quotes for friends

The revived nature comes with the most beautiful spring holiday – Holy Easter. Let it fill our houses with light, our minds with kindness and our works with beauty.

Let Easter blessings lead you...

Let Easter blessings lead you,
Let the bells bring happiness
Let the words bring joy!
Greetings with Easter Festival!

With Easter eggs and holy...

With Easter eggs and holy Easter festival
With the first spring flowers!
Let this resurrection morning bless your life with joy!

The Sun is shining, the nature...

The Sun is shining, the nature is awaking,
This is Easter approaching,
Let it bring lots of happiness, a bag of money and love.
Happy Easter!

It is said that together with...

It is said that together with the spring’s Sun and Easter, the life and joy return to Earth. Let joy and life return to your homes and into your hearts!

The Sun welcomes with...

The Sun welcomes with warmth
The birches straighten their green hands
And at home huddled in circles
We roll Easter eggs in fun.
With Spring and with Easter!

Through the meadows, fields...

Through the meadows, fields and evergreen forests, Easter flies as singing bird and wakens the sleeping nature to reborn, grow, and bloom again.


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The yellow Easter egg...

The yellow Easter egg is the Sun,
The green Easter egg is a meadow
The red Easter egg is Love!
Let the spring bring the Sun and Love!

Today is the beautiful...

Today is the beautiful Easter morning, let’s be happy today – leave the troubles far away!
Greetings with Easter festival!

Nature gives us the most...

happy easter messages

Nature gives us the most beautiful spring celebration – Easter. I wish clarity to your thoughts, light for you home, kindness and beauty to your actions.

The house filled with happiness...

The house filled with happiness, festivity
And the smell of Easter cakes
Your family and friends are at your side
And your heart is filled with light.
Happy Easter!

Colourful Easter eggs bring...

Colourful Easter eggs bring wishes to you!
The yellow egg wishes you joy,
The red one brings you love,
Happiness comes with the green one,
While the blue egg promises to give patience.

Through meadows...

Through meadows, fields and forests
Easter like a bird will come
And everything that died in autumn
Will resurrect, grow and bloom again!

The rampaging spring...

The rampaging spring awakens our feelings,
Darkness and cold is flung away!
Feel love, hope and faith
As Easter is on the way!

Let the strikes of holy Easter...

Let the strikes of holy Easter bells leave eternal happiness in your heart.
I wish you the blessed morning of Resurrection and life full of happiness.

Let Easter joy...

Let Easter joy and blessings lead you all your way,
Let Easter bells bring you luck and delight.
Happy Easter!

I want to wish you...

I want to wish you a lot of happiness, which is never enough;
Loads of joy, which is never too much.
And good health, which is essential to everybody!
Happy Easter!

It is said that together...

It is said that together with spring’s sun and Easter
Life and joy comes back to earth.
I wish that they came to your house and your heart!

Every spring brings us joy...

Every spring brings us joy and revival,
And waiting of Easter morning!
Let the awakening earth and the sound of Easter bells
Bring you kindness, hope and the joy of redemption.

Let Easter morning bring you...

Let Easter morning bring you
The charm of the silence,
The splendour of the sun,
The mystery of the darkness,
The strength of the flame,
The freshness of the air,
The silent stability of the earth
And love, which is the beginning of everything.

I hope that the Easter bunny...

I hope that the Easter bunny will visit your home, leave you beautiful Easter eggs and with those eggs he will bring happiness, joy and love to your home! Happy Easter!

A yellow egg is like the...

A yellow egg is like the sun
A blue egg is like the sky
A red egg is like love!
I hope you have all of these on Easter!

We hear a noise...

We hear a noise… Hop! Hop! Hop!
What’s that? All the kids wonder…
It’s the Easter bunny coming to our home
He will bring us happiness and joy!
Happy Easter!

The eggs are painted...

The eggs are painted, the table is set, the food smells amazing! The kids want to play with all of the eggs! Oh look, a red one! Oh another blue one! Just try not to break them, or the Easter bunny won’t come!

When the sun rose up...

When the sun rose up this Easter morning,
The eggs were spread, all over the houses by the Easter bunny,
He knocks on the door, puts the egg near it and hops away,
Leaving nothing but happiness, love and joy!
Happy Easter!

Look over there...

Look over there! The child holding a basket ran next to a bush, leaned next to it and took a beautiful yellow Easter egg, it was like the sun, he took a blue one, it was like the sky, he saw a green one, it was like a field, he was so full of joy, you should be too! Happy Easter!

Pink, blue, yellow, green...

Pink, blue, yellow, green…
The Easter eggs look so great!
Looking at them makes me joyful and warm inside.
It’s true what people say about these eggs,
They do bring love and joy to your home!

When spring comes, the sun shines...

When spring comes, the sun shines, the fields blossom, the Easter bunny comes with lots of eggs and fills your home with love and joy!

On Easter morning the sun...

On Easter morning the sun shines
Everyone smiles to each other
What a wonderful world we live in
With painted eggs, laughter and joy!
Happy Easter!

They say that with the spring...

They say that with the spring sunrise
On Easter morning comes love, happiness and joy
So I wanted to wish that all those things
Stop by your home and stay there!
Happy Easter!

Beautiful flowers and singing...

Beautiful flowers and singing birds
Whisper to me that the Easter is here,
Let it bring you endless joy!
I wish you all the best, my dear.

My joyful hugs and wishes...

happy easter

My joyful hugs and wishes are coming your way!
Happy Easter!

May the spirit of Easter encourage...

May the spirit of Easter encourage us and help us find faith,
May the lights of belief surround us every day!

Wishing you and your...

Wishing you and your family blissful life! Happy Easter!

Let us celebrate the new...

Let us celebrate the new beginning of nature, the renewal of life!
Let the Easter bring new beautiful hopes and endless joy to our hearts!

Easter quotes...

May this Easter holiday fill our hearts with light and love,
May it fill our homes with peaceful joy!

This heartfelt Easter greeting...

This heartfelt Easter greeting
Comes to you from far away
To let you know I think of you
And wish you endless joy today.

May this joyful Easter holiday...

May this joyful Easter holiday bring us new hopes and true happiness!

On this beautiful Easter Sunday let...

On this beautiful Easter Sunday let us share love and light with our loved ones.
Happy Easter!

Easter quotes for friends...

Let the Easter bring peace, love and pure joy to our hearts,
Let it bring light to our homes.
Happy Easter!

Let the beautiful Easter morning...

Let the beautiful Easter morning
Fill up your heart with joy for the whole year ahead!
Happy Easter!

May the spirit of Easter remind...

May the spirit of Easter remind you
That nothing can destroy your love and your dreams.
Have a joyful Easter!

Let the troubles forget you...

Let the troubles forget you,
Let the goodness and joy surround you,
Let the angels protects you.
Happy Easter!

Let the spirit of Easter fill your...

Let the spirit of Easter fill your heart with hope, love and joy!
Happy Easter!

May your home be filled with...

May your home be filled with Easter cake smells,
May fun and laughter sounds for a long time,
May friends and smiles be near you,
May lightness of Easter keep your heart warm!

I give you Easter egg, wishing...

I give you Easter egg, wishing that sunshine would melt all the troubles and only luck and happiness would stay.
Happy Easter!

The spring has thrown...

The spring has thrown away the darkness and cold,
Let’s feel the love, hope and belief!
Easter is coming, all hopes are waking up again,
The peace is knocking at the door,
Bringing blessing for everyone!

May the Easter be calm like...

May the Easter be calm like a lake and bright like the sun,
May your desires be accompanied with luck and fun!
Happy Easter!

May the Easter morning be...

May the Easter morning be peaceful and bright,
May the Easter eggs be beautiful,
And may your home be full of joy and light!
Happy Easter!


May the morning of Easter...

May the morning of Easter
Bring you beauty of spring colours,
A large basket of eggs
And a plenty of joy!

Let the Easter bring you fun, joy...

Let the Easter bring you fun, joy and happiness!
May it also bring you love, blessing and peace!
Best wishes to you, Happy Easter!

The revived nature gives us...

The revived nature gives us the most beautiful spring holiday – Easter.
Let it bring light to your home,
Clarity to your thoughts,
Kindness and beauty of your work!