Get well quotes

If one of your friends is not feeling well, let him know that you care by sending him wishes for quick recovery. On this page we present you lots of get well quotes for friend that will cheer him up. It is always good to feel that friends have missed having us around. Hope that you will find the right words that will help to show your attention and make him feel better. Sending get well messages to boss or colleague is a part of maintaining good workplace relationships. On this page we present a collection of get well quotes for boss that will help you to show your concern. However do not be to sweet, because it might have different interpretations. Let your quick recovery wishes be genuine, but at the same time keep them professional.

We wish you lots of...

We wish you lots of health, And we hope that you recover as soon as possible, because we miss you very much, get well soon!

We know you will...

We know you will recover soon,
and be back on your feet in no time!
we wish you luck, and get well soon!

We know it’s hard...

We know it’s hard to recover, once you got it… you got it…
But here are some flowers and some food,
we hope you like it and get well soon!

We wish you a quick...

We wish you a quick and easy recovery, we pray and hope everything will turn out okay, and we are hoping even more, that you will get well soon!

Stupid virus got ahead...

Stupid virus got ahead of you…
No worries, we sent you some flowers,
and we hope you get well soon!

Here we sent you lots...

Here we sent you lots of candy, chocolates and mainly food, because we know you like it, and we know that food makes you happy, more than anything else in the world, we hope you get well soon, and we’ll see you when you recover!

I sent you these treats...

I sent you these treats, to make you feel better,
I know you love food so I sent you a lot
I hope you gain strength, and recover soon!

I know words can’t make...

I know words can’t make you feel any better,
but I’ll try to make it quick
I wish you health, and to get well soon!

Hope that this card...

Hope that this card that says “get well soon” will help,
We also brought these chocolates,
We all know that chocolate makes everything better
get well soon!

We wanted to wish you...

We wanted to wish you strength, because you survived a huge operation, and we wanted you to know that we are very proud of you, we hope you get well soon!

The man who has fought...

The man who has fought the toughest of battles with his competitors,
Undoubtedly can win a tiny tiff with a few bacteria.
Wishing you a quick recovery, boss.

Hope that these flowers...

Hope that these flowers and get-well note
Will show that you are thought of
In a warm and special way,
And will make you day more bright and sunny!
Get well soon!

Get well quotes...

Although you are not feeling your best right now
But we all hope that good care, rest and a little time
Will make you feel fine very soon.

Hoping that you‘ll get...

get well quotes

Hoping that you‘ll get back in the swing of things in a short time,
All the best wishes are coming your way, get well soon!

Sending you flowers to...

Sending you flowers to make you feel happier and healthier.
Wishing you a quick recovery.

Get well quotes for friend...

Wishing you‘ll get better soon,
Hope to see you fit and strong as before
Cause things just will not be the same
Until you feel well once more.

Get well quotes for boss...

If you feel that God is rubbing you against rocks,
Remember that he is polishing a diamond.
Stay precious and get well soon, boss.

Give yourself all the time...

Give yourself all the time and rest that you need to feel better,
We believe that you are surrounded by caring thoughts,
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

As you rest and heal...

As you rest and heal, warm thoughts as well as wishes for your quick recovery and good health are coming your way, boss.

May you find comfort...

May you find comfort in knowing that we all think of you
And wish you all the best in your road to recovery.

Sending you get well soon wishes...

Sending you get well soon wishes,
Hoping that your recovery will be trouble free,
And in a short time you will come back
And we‘ll see you fit as fit can be!

We all hope that every...

We all hope that every day bring you renewed strength,
Brighter thoughts and a healthier you.
Wishing you a quick recovery, boss!

Take good care of yourself...

Take good care of yourself,
You mean a lot to us and so does your happiness and health,
Hope you come back soon, dear friend, we miss you.

Close your eyes and feel...

Close your eyes and feel the healing rays that come from God,
Have a feeling that you are become better with every single moment,
Get well soon, dear friend.

I wish I had a magic...

I wish I had a magic wand to make your illness go away,
I‘d wave it again and again, until you feel ok.
Get well soon, buddy.

Sunshine, water, exercise...

Sunshine, water, exercise, rest, diet and fresh air.
These are the best six doctors that anyone can have.
Hope that they will attend you, ease your mind and make you feel better.
Get well soon!

Although it‘s not easy...

Although it‘s not easy, when you are not feeling well,
Remember that these difficult times strengthen you.
Hoping that you‘ll be better soon, pal, we miss you.

The best healing therapy...

The best healing therapy is friendship, love, joy and good cheer.
Take good care of yourself and Get Well Soon!

Difficulties come to our...

card with get well soon wishes

Difficulties come to our lives with purpose to make us stronger.
Let difficulties know that you are the person who is difficult to defeat.
Get Well Soon!

I guess I know the reason...

I guess I know the reason
Why it takes you so long to recover –
You are being really well-nursed there…
Joking, just wanted to wish you get well soon.

We miss you and think...

We miss you and think of you every day,
Hoping that you are feeling better.
Get well soon, dear friend.

There is no medicine like...

There is no medicine like hope and belief,
There is no tonic so great as good expectations of the future.
So think of beautiful tomorrow and get well soon.

Warm wishes and get-well...

Warm wishes and get-well thoughts are sent your way,
Hoping you will feel better very soon.

Hey you, lazy tramp...

Hey you, lazy tramp,
We hope that you will feel yourself better in a short time,
Cause there is a lot of work to do..
Get well soon, friend, we miss you.

We miss you, buddy, so get well soon...

We miss you, buddy, so get well soon
And come back so we all can rejoice!