Romantic quotes

So, you are in love and you are looking for the right words to express your feelings? On this page you will find a large collection of romantic quotes and messages. You can send them by email or text to your special ones. Make them feel loved and remind of your love every day.

You make me happy...

You make me happy in a thousand ways. I love you to the moon and back, and I have no idea what I would do, if I lost you, because I feel like I will lose my entire world.

When I look into the...

When I look into the night sky with thousands of stars, I remember your eyes, because they sparkle exactly like stars. When I see the sun I remember you, because you brighten not just my day, but my life.

Every day I want to have...

Every day I want to have you next to me,
When you’re not here, I’m always sad,
When you are here, my heart is full of joy,
I never want to lose you.

I can’t stop thinking...

romantic wishes

I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t be anywhere else but with you, I know that it may be too much, but this is Love, and I love you, because you are my everything, and I couldn’t stand losing you.

Meeting you was like...

Meeting you was like an answer to a prayer, I became happier, my heart always feels good, I feel good, and I know for sure, you feel good as well.

If I could, I would give...

If I could, I would give you the stars that sparkle in the night sky,
The sun that shines on a bright day,
But I can only give you my love, I hope that’s enough.

They say it doesn’t...

They say it doesn’t matter how long you know a person, to know it’s true love, I know we don’t go way back, but it feels like I have known you forever, because we were meant for each other.

I remember the days...

I remember the days when I thought I had diamonds, but now that I have you, I know I used to have rocks, and you are the one that I never want to lose.

You are my sun, my stars...

You are my sun, my stars, my sky…
The one I truly love and care for,
I don’t need anyone else, but you,
Your eyes and your smile!

I know that we sometimes...

I know that we sometimes fight, but honey you are my everything, if I could I would give you all the flowers in the world, but instead I give you my love.

I am feeling jealous of...

I am feeling jealous of all the people that you ever hugged,
Because for a moment they were holding the whole world of mine.

Love is born from the...

Love is born from the joy to look at each other.
Love matures from the need to be together all the time.
Finally, it becomes impossible to break up.
This is love.

It’s good to love and...

It’s good to love and to know that you are surrounded by love.
It’s good to believe that this love will last forever.

If somebody would ask...

If somebody would ask me a question what a beautiful life means to me, I would put my arms around you, lean my head on your shoulder and say “Like this!”

Romantic quotes...

Loving people complement each other and this makes their life complete.
Love connects people to the depths of their souls.

When you are away, I’m...

romantic quotes

When you are away, I’m full of sadness,
When you are next to me, I’m so happy,
Every single day I’m feeling that I cannot live without you.

Live and Love...

Live and Love,
Don’t run away from it,
And if you fall in love,
Then love forever!

You cannot deny that...

You cannot deny that love exists
You cannot deny that it’s real.
And when you feel it, cherish it
And never let go from your heart!

I wish to forget everything...

I wish to forget everything in the world from your kisses,
I wish to fall asleep in your arms
And see your face, when I wake up.
I dream to love and be loved, purely and sincerely.
And I wish that dream come true,
Because my dream is you!

If I could ask for three...

If I could ask for three wishes,
I would ask very simple things:
Learn to never give up,
Want more out of life than I wanted yesterday
And always be next to you!

Every day I will find...

Every day I will find time to say “I love you”,
Each morning I will start with a kiss and words “Good morning, my love”.
And before falling asleep I will embrace you and wish you “Sweet dreams”.

Meeting and knowing...

Meeting and knowing a person like you has made me happy in a million ways.
And if you ever have to leave me, I will find a million reasons for you to stay.