Break up quotes for him

Breaking up is hurtful for the person who sincerely loved, it is always difficult to go through this. If your heart was broken and you are looking for the right words to show your sorrow and heartache, maybe you will find something on this page. Here we have lots of break up quotes for him from her. We hope that those words will help you to express what you feel.

You might think that...

You might think that you just hurt me,
But it is not true,
Actually I must thank you,
Because you made me much stronger,
And I’m not gonna drop a single tear for you.

Although now we are...

Although now we are a distance apart,
Remember, you will always have the key to my heart.

I believed, that you...

I believed, that you love me, but you broke my heart,
And now my soul is bleeding with tears of anguish.

Every single message that...

Every single message that you send to me,
I‘m keeping in my heart.
And every single word that you say to me,
Touches my soul.
Although we cannot be together,
You will always be a special person to me.

Break up quotes for him...

Even a thousand words of love cannot bring you back,
I know it, because I have tried.
And neither can a thousand tears,
I know it, because I have cried.

Although we cannot be...

Although we cannot be together anymore,
But we will never be apart,
No matter where life takes us,
You are always in my heart.

You might be out of my...

You might be out of my reach, but not out of my heart,
Although I don’t mean much for you, but you will always be a special person to me.

Walking alone is not...

Walking alone is not so hard,
But when you have walked so many miles with somebody,
And then you have to come back alone,
That’s what is truly hard.

Nothing could hurt more...

Nothing could hurt more than realizing,
That you love the person, who means everything to you,
While you mean nothing to him.

It takes only a moment...

It takes only a moment to fall in love with someone,
But it can take a lifetime to forget him.
I miss you.

It hurts so much when...

It hurts so much when you watch your life being ruined
By the person that you love and trust the most.
And you cannot do anything about it.
Just asking myself now
Is this a gift of trusting someone,
Is this what I deserve?

How can I say goodbye...

How can I say goodbye to someone I was never really with?..
Why do I miss someone I have never really had?..
And why do I love someone who was never really mine?..

Look straight into my...

Look straight into my eyes and feel the pain I‘m hiding inside.
But you have no idea how much it hurts…
The constant thoughts of you are tearing my heart into pieces.
The more I think of you the worse it gets.

If I love, why is it so...

If I love, why is it so hard to leave you, when I know that you will be more happy with somebody else?

Time will pass by and...

Time will pass by and memories will fade away,
Sometimes feelings change and people leave,
But hearts will always remember.. I miss you.

It hurts when you break up...

It hurts when you break up with somebody.
It hurts even more when somebody break up with you.
But it hurts the most when the one you love cannot understand how you feel..