Happy birthday anniversary wishes

Every birthday anniversary is a milestone so special that it deserves an elaborate celebration. A unique and heartfelt birthday message can lighten up anybody’s day. Yet, coming up with perfect word might be tasking, especially when you want the very best for your loved ones. The content, structure, emotions and words of your birthday wishes are the most vital element in your birthday anniversary greeting text. If you are searching for the perfect inspiration for special birthday messages for that special someone in your life, you are certainly at the right place. Here is a great collection of happy birthday anniversary wishes for your friends and dear ones.

It’s time for congratulations

happy birthday anniversary wishes

It’s time for congratulations, birthday man! There’s only one thing I want to wish you: enjoy the moment. The time flies very fast and the only thing that remains is memories. Create the best memories this year. Happy birthday anniversary!


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The best thing about

The best thing about my life is having friends like you in my life. You are not just a friend but a brother to me & I hope you get all the success and happiness in your life. Happy Birthday Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to the

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person in my life. Have a truly happy day and life full of fun and success. Best of Luck!

Today I want to wish

Today I want to wish You much happiness and success on your Milestone Birthday!!! Stay Happy and Cheerful!

A great party is going

A great party is going to be today! A great party for a great man! Remember: all we do for you is because we love you. And you are worth it. Happy birthday to the best of the best!

Every year of your life

Every year of your life you face difficulties and stem them successfully – it makes you only stronger. Every year of your life you learn how to accept yourself – it makes you only more beautiful. Every single year of your life brings you something special. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday anniversary wishes

This night I saw a shooting star and wished that all your dreams and hopes came true. Blow out the candles tonight and be sure: your dreams will come true!

Yesterday it was raining, but

Yesterday it was raining, but today is a fantastic sunny day. Even weather congratulates you on your birthday and wishes you great mood. I also join congratulations!

Who knows what lies

Who knows what lies ahead? It’s a mystery. But I wish you an incredible year full of exciting events, unforgettable adventures and fateful meets. Happy birthday!

On this very special day

On this very special day I want to congratulate you with one more successfully passed phase in your life and to wish you a great positive change in future. Change is always for the better. Happy birthday!

Having friends like you

Having friends like you in my life, I could enjoy and party every day as if it were your birthday. Love you like I love cake at a birthday party. Have a lovely day!

May each and every

happy bday anniversary card

May each and every coming day be your best day ever, starting with today. I wish you metric tons of happiness and success. Happy Birthday anniversary!

Happy Birthday anniversary!! Hope

Happy Birthday anniversary!! Hope you have a truly joyous and a marvellous day ahead and a life full of success, kindness and love!

You are the only person

You are the only person who means to me more than chocolate. Hope you have a blast and life full of success!!

Happy Birthday anniversary

Happy Birthday anniversary my friend. I always wish to become the greatest and the best friend in the world, but in no way I could be better than you are. Have a lovely day!

When we were younger

When we were younger, we used to like our birthdays. But there are a lot of reasons to honor this day even now, when we are grown-ups. For example, I just adore this day because the best man ever was born. Happy birthday!

Now you are mature

Now you are mature enough and the whole life is ahead. There is one important thing I want to wish you this day: don’t let other people or circumstances dictate you how to live. You’re the creator of your life and may it be a real masterpiece. Congratulations!

Love is what we all

Love is what we all feel when you’re near.
Care is what you give to everyone around.
Kindness is what can be seen in your eyes.
Joy is what can be heard in your voice.
And today is the day when we want to give it back tenfold.
Happy birthday!

When we were little

When we were little kids all we needed to be happy were lots of new toys for our birthday. But now much have changed. We’ve learned to appreciate love and attention, trust and kindness. They are the most valuable gifts one can ever get. We all are happy to share these bright feelings with you. Congratulations!

Life is a series of

Life is a series of random events – just like music that plays randomly. May only the best songs be on your playlist! Happy birthday!

Way of life is long

Way of life is long and winding. But be sure: whatever path you’d go, your family will always be with you. We wish you luck, health and happiness. Happy birthday!

If I were a wizard, I

If I were a wizard, I would make your birthday wish come true. But you know, you are so ambitious and confident that don’t need any magic to make things happen. Keep it up -and life will give you pleasant surprises. Congratulations!

Actions speak louder

Actions speak louder than words, that’s why all your nearest and dearest have come together today to congratulate you on your birthday and give love and care. May the warmth of this day remind you that you’ll never be alone. Happy birthday!

Today is your birthday

Today is your birthday – a very special day. You are gay, smiling and beautiful. You are surrounded by people who love you. May each day of your life be as jolly and exciting as today. Happy birthday!

Your parents wish you

Your parents wish you health, happiness and luck.
Your friends wish you love and new achievements.
You make your fondest wish.
And I wish that all of the above would come true!

There is a rule of

There is a rule of twelve days following after your birthday: each day symbolizes each month of the year and you have to live these days being of good cheer. If you do it, joy and happiness will never leave you. Happy birthday!

People usually make

People usually make a wish when they see a shooting star or on New Year’s Eve. Today is one of these special occasions. Just make a wish, believe in it strongly and you’ll see that the world is full of magic. And you’re the source of it. Happy birthday!

Today I wish you a day

Today I wish you a day as special as you are. Hope you love your new age. Happy Birthday anniversary and may you have all the happiness and success in life!!

I hope you spend

I hope you spend your day today and the days coming ahead with a big smile on your face! I hope this is the beginning of your most blessed and wonderful year.

Today you are another

Today you are another year older but haven’t changed a bit. But, it’s great because you are just perfect and a wonderful person to hang out with. Happy Birthday with lots of love!!

Happy Birthday!! I want

Happy Birthday!! I want to tell you today that I feel so blessed to have a person like you in my life. May you get all the happiness and success in life.

This is your day, darling!

This is your day, darling! Have fun, laugh, dance, sing – do whatever you want. You are at the center of attention today – enjoy it. May your life be an endless celebration! I’m sure your loving family and friends will take care of it. Happy birthday!

Life is measured by

Life is measured by the moments that take our breath away not by the breaths we take. Let’s celebrate this special day and Enjoy!

I am so grateful to

I am so grateful to God for putting you in my life and since it’s your special day today, let’s party Hard and make this day a special one!

Don’t be afraid of

Don’t be afraid of getting old. Every year you’re getting only wiser like a traveller wandering from place to place and searching after truth. Every year you’re getting only smarter like a student thirsty for knowledge. Every year you’re getting only better, just like good wine. Happy birthday!

Just like in childhood

Just like in childhood our parents measured our growth with tiny ticks on the door, today we measure all our achievements by our age. Just stop for a second, look back and see how far you’ve come. May the future be even better. Happy birthday!

No matter how many

No matter how many candles there are on your birthday cake, you will always stay young, fresh and resilient. Wish you a happy birthday!

Everything in you is perfect:

Everything in you is perfect: your appearance and your inner world. You have already achieved many goals despite your young age and at the same time you’ve managed not to lose your individuality. You made yourself into who you are. One more year of your irresistibility is now declared open. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the

Happy Birthday to the person who no matters gets old is truly young at heart. I wish you all the best and Party Hard!!

Today I want to thank

Today I want to thank you for all the wonderful moments we had shared together. With love and best wishes!

Happy Birthday!! It is

Happy Birthday!! It is a time of joy and fun for you so enjoy the moment to it’s fullest. Have a Blast!!

Hey!! Remember, it’s

Hey!! Remember, it’s better to be old and wise, than 18 and foolish!! I wish that the coming years bring more and more happiness and success in your life. Happy Birthday!!

May your life be as

May your life be as beautiful and colourful as the flowers you’ll get this day,
May your relationships be as warm as birthday wishes
And may your love be as sweet as cake.
Congratulations on your birthday!

Birthday is called so for

Birthday is called so for a reason. It’s the day of new beginning and new chance. It’s a good day to start a new life, where all your dreams and hopes will surely come true. Happy birthday!

Happy anniversary to the

Happy anniversary to the world’s best friend. I wish you all the best. Enjoy each and every moment and may God bless you with health, wealth and happiness.

We have done so many

We have done so many things together and have gathered so many memories. May this birthday anniversary enrich them with happiness and cheerfulness. Have a superb birthday anniversary!

This awesome anniversary

This awesome anniversary is a perfect day to let you know that life is something wonderful and always offer the best. Take it that way and hit half a more century! With love in my heart, I wish you a happy birthday!

Today marks the continuation

Today marks the continuation of the beautiful years of your life in which you have spread so much peace and joy to others. My wish is that your anniversary will be such a joyful moment that it brings treasured memories long after it’s done. May you live longer in happiness, happy (golden) jubilee birthday!

May your birthday and

May your birthday and every other day that follows be filled with moments of laughter and happiness, happy anniversary to the most amazing person on earth, enjoy every moment of the day!

My lovely friend, it is

My lovely friend, it is better to be old and wise than to be young and foolish! Being old takes endurance that youthful age fails to offer. Wishing every year ahead brings to you lot of unexpected great happenings, happy birthday!

In this midway of your

In this midway of your life’s journey, reflect on how far you’ve come. Since the first part of your life has been great and awesome, the second part is going to be far way amazing. May you have many more birthdays to celebrate, happy birthday!

Youth is the gift of

Youth is the gift of nature with no age. You are wonderful at any age. Have fun and enjoy this milestone in your life. Happy Birthday to an amazing one who is and will remain young at heart!

One advantage of being

One advantage of being old is that you have many people in your life to love. I am wishing you joy and happiness on your Milestone Birthday. Happy birthday!

The older we get, the

The older we get, the more we realize we have many reasons to be thankful. Have a wonderful birthday, a truly happy day, and a time of fun and joy. Happy birthday!

Life still has a lot to

Life still has a lot to offer to you, my dear, more successful plans to make and greater dreams to come true. I wish that you mark your golden jubilee year with great achievements and great success! With lots of love, I wish you a happy birthday anniversary!

On your birthday anniversary

On your birthday anniversary my wishes for you are to fulfil one more wish and add beauty to one more person’s life. You deserve to achieve every of your heart desires. Happy birthday!

You’ve done a plenty of

You’ve done a plenty of amazing things in your life and gathered so many special and beautiful memories! May all these enrich the happiness your anniversary brings!

Life should not be measured

Life should not be measured by the amount of breath we take, but by the beautiful moments that takes our breath away. I wouldn’t let your birthday pass without giving you my best wishes for a wonderful birthday celebration!

Just like yesterday, I still

Just like yesterday, I still remember the first day we met. I am lucky to have a friend like you and your birthday is a moment of great joy for me. Your birthday represents the day a very special person entered into this world. Have a fun anniversary, pal!

Every birthday is a time

Every birthday is a time of celebration; I wish you a wonderful day filled with love and surprises. May this special day gives you the best memories till the next one. May your success catch up with you, happy bday anniversary!

Today, you deserve the

Today, you deserve the best birthday in the world, and our goal is to give it to you. Be ready to celebrate! The party officially starts as soon as we are together. Happy birthday!

Count the age, not the

Count the age, not the wrinkles on you. Count the amazing experiences you’ve had, but not the failures and mistakes you’ve made. Have a joyful anniversary!

Ever since we were both

Ever since we were both young, you’ve always stand by me. I’m so glad we’re so close. Your birthday is a blessed occasion all by itself. But to me, it’s a very special day that allows me to thank God for everything your friendship means to me. Happy birthday anniversary!

We have been together

We have been together for a long time, I will never think of a life without you just like I will never get tired of wishing you a happy birthday. Love life, live long and spice up every moment. Happy birthday!

No words can express how

No words can express how proud and happy I am to be celebrating with you one more amazing year of your life! My prayer for you is that you will always be forever healthy and happy! Don’t ever change!

It’s your special day and you

It’s your special day and you are still as kind, charming and cheerful as the day I met you. My wish for you is that you continue to love and enjoy life. May happiness, joy and beauty surrounds you not just for today, but always!

Birthdays are indication of

Birthdays are indication of a fresh start; a time to reflect and look back with gratitude of the blessings of another year. It is also the moment to look forward with a renewed hope for a better life. May you enjoy true bliss as you enter your next milestones, have a great birthday anniversary!

Each and every day your

Each and every day your incredible ability to make the sun shine through the darkest clouds amazes me. You deserve the best celebration, and we will make it happen!

There are so many possibilities

There are so many possibilities, adventures and incredible things to do in our lives, and so little time to enjoy them all. But not for you. You have always jumped in with so much grit and fire. Life is such a sweet and endless adventure when you are beside me. Happy birthday anniversary!

My dear friend, congratulations on

My dear friend, congratulations on your special day! May your life be a bundle of joy! Happy bday anniversary to you!