New job quotes

We all know at least one person who is looking for a new job, has recently found it or gotten the promotion. Situations differ, but they all are about getting a new job and a new start in life. At this significant moment, your friends, colleagues and family would be happy to hear your kind words of support for them. Let them know that you wish him all the best by sending one of these good luck for new job quotes and new job wishes, presented on our page. Congratulations and inpirational words will be a great start to the new beginning in their career.  

New job quotes

congratulations on new job

Wishing that your new job brings you the highest promotions and the sweetest success!
Good luck at your new job, dear friend!

New job wishes

best wishes for new job

New workplace will be a perfect place for you to express yourself. Your great skills truly impress others. I’m very glad for you.

Wishing you to find success

new job wishes

Wishing you to find success, contentment and satisfaction at your new job.
Good luck!

New job – new experience

new job messages

New job – new experience, colleagues and place. I know that everything will be fine. Believe in yourself!

Congratulations! Finally you

good luck for new job

Congratulations! Finally you found your dream job. Wishing you good luck!

Let your new job be fun and

new job greetings

Let your new job be fun and exciting!
I bet you‘ll become employee number one, good luck to you!

Sometimes opportunities come

new job quotes

Sometimes opportunities come to those people who are at the right place and at the right time.
However the true success comes only to those who persist.
Best of luck to you!

Now that you got

Now that you got a job, you are now close to fulfilling those great dreams and ambitions of yours. We promise to support you in every way, congrats on your new job!

Hey dear, we are

Hey dear, we are so proud of you that we almost bought you a house, just kidding! We are not that rich. But hey, great job on the interview, you’re the bomb, you nailed it, you got hired!

Hey, big guy with

Hey, big guy with the big dreams. Congrats on your new job, “I am proud of you” is not just enough to tell how much I am proud of you. Cheers mate!

For so long, I have

For so long, I have prayed for today, finally, you got what you’ve always deserved. You are truly a bright young man. Though, there might have been some really bad days, but here comes a day when you make us all proud, continue striving forward. Congrats lad!

Though, I don’t say

Though, I don’t say this often but am so proud of you my sister, especially now that you can afford to buy me the latest X-BOX because you have a job, congratulation, love you sis!

We are really amazed

We are really amazed to hear that the little boy who knows nothing but scroll his new feed is now an associate. You really surprise everyone. We are proud of you, cheers!

God decide to bless

God decide to bless you because you are truly kind hearted. My best wishes for you in your new career path and I hope your experiences will be full of joy and motivation. Congrats and keep it up, cheers!

I have never felt

I have never felt this proud of you. I feel so lucky to have you as my son. Giving birth to you was my greatest achievement. Congratulations on your new job, I can’t wait to see your new house, new car. I know you will be a success!

Wow! Today you

Wow! Today you will start a new job. Let me congratulate you. I will wait for you later in the evening to celebrate it!

I have a great

I have a great respect for you and I believe that at the new job you will be really a great worker. Never lose your optimism. I wish you the best of luck.

Favourite work allows

Favourite work allows not only work, but also to relax. It’s a perfect chance for you to achieve this. Wish you the great success!

I hope that new

I hope that new job will make you much happier than you are now. I believe in you and your diligence. Waiting for a call with impressions.

People so persistent

People so persistent, dedicated, strong, resilient and determined like you,
Do not need to be wished good luck, cause they always make their own luck wherever they are going to.

You are worth the

You are worth the best job and the best salary. You are the great expert in your field. I wish you a good first day at work.


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How the first day

How the first day at a new job? Everything was fine? Wish you the best and tomorrow.

I still can’t believe

I still can’t believe it that you left your old job. Hope that this new job will perfectly fit you. Wish you good luck tomorrow.

I’m very glad that

I’m very glad that you made such a decision. New job will allow you to show the true “self“. Good luck, dude.

It’s a perfect time

It’s a perfect time for you to do the work that you really like. Any changes are beneficial. Wish you the best.

Don’t worry about

Don’t worry about mistakes and misunderstandings. All life is full of such things, but it is nothing wrong. Lift up your head and do not be afraid.

Good luck, dear

Good luck, dear. Show your abilities and everything that you have the best. It’s your time to be the best employee.

I always believed

I always believed in you. I know that you like to work. It‘s a very good decision.

To change old workplace

To change old workplace – brave step. Wish you to enjoy the new job and be the best. Good luck my friend!

The biggest congratulations

The biggest congratulations on this wonderful day. You will start a new life lap. I hope that you will be happy at this place!

I want to say a good

I want to say a good luck at your new job. I know that you are professional. All your colleagues will be happy.

I’m very proud of

I’m very proud of you. You are very brave that decided to change your work. Lot of success!

I’m so excited and

I’m so excited and happy for you. Today is the first day of your new job. I will wait for news.

I wish you lots of patience

I wish you lots of patience, coffee, happiness, sunny mornings and a wonderful career at your new job. I hope you do well, just know that whatever happens, we always have your back!

I wish you lots of luck

Congratulations on your new job! I wish you lots of luck, to wake up happy every day, and go to work because you want to, not because you have to! I hope you have a god time at work, just know that we support you! Lots of love

When you got fired

When you got fired, you though that you will never work again… but look at you now! You finally have a new job, and you are building your career once again, I know it’s hard, but all of your family and friends believe that you can do it! Good luck!

So, you finally have a job

So, you finally have a job. I wasn’t really expecting this from you, but since you have one now, me and the whole family wishes you good luck, lots of happy Mondays and a boss that isn’t angry.

A few days ago you had

A few days ago you had no job… Ha ha.. It’s kind of funny, how one moment you have nothing and the next you have something, or even everything, I wish you good luck in your new career. I just know that you will do great!

Congratulations on the new job

Congratulations on the new job! We all know how hard you tried to get this job, and we support you 100%! Never forget that, I wish you lots of luck and especially lots of patience with your boss and co-workers.

Finally! You are independent

Finally! You are independent, you have a family, bought a beautiful house that you call your home, and on top of that, you got a great job! I’m very proud of you, good luck with your career, I hope you go high and don’t fall!

Oh those jobs

Oh those jobs… we know all know the struggle of getting hired for a job, you think you’re not good enough, you think you don’t have the right experience, a million thoughts are racing in the back of your head, but you still choose to stay calm, good luck at your new job. Congratulations on getting hired!

Look at you

Look at you, you thought you would never finish high school, college, but look where you are now, you did finish high school and college, you got your degree and now you have a very wonderful job! I’m proud of you!

So you finally got your

So you finally got your degree huh? You also found a job! Well I’m very happy for you, good luck waking up on Mondays! I wish you sweet coffee, nice sunny mornings, and just luck at your new job!

Working with you was a bliss

Working with you was a bliss to all of us.
May you find success with your new job, best of luck to you!

Remember that you‘ve been

Remember that you‘ve been hired cause the company sees you as an additional value to their team, so don‘t feel as a newbie!
Good luck to you!

Don‘t forget that even the

Don‘t forget that even the small achievement can have the great impact on your life.
Best of luck at your new job!

Good things always happen to

Good things always happen to a good person.
That is why you have such a good friend like me, wishing all the best to you in your new job!

You‘ve got a new job, so

You‘ve got a new job, so the luck has played its part, and now it‘s all up to you!

Wishing you to achieve all

Wishing you to achieve all your goals in your new job,
I believe that you surely will.
Good luck, my dear friend!

Be nice to your new

Be nice to your new colleagues, learn as many new things as you can in your new job,
But never forget to keep in touch with your old colleagues
And never forget what you‘ve learned in your old job.
Best of luck to you!