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On this page we share with you a wide collection of life quotes and words. Some of them might inspire you, other might challenge the way you think and make you look at life from different point of view. Also these words may guide you to improve your daily life, make it more meaningful, interesting and colorful.  

Never give up and always

Never give up and always remember that the most difficult roads often lead to the most amazing places.

Life is just a roller-coaster

Life is just a roller-coaster filled with ups and down, and even crashes, but everything is meant to be, live to see your amazing future, and never give up!

Sometimes people delude

Sometimes people delude themselves regarding absolutely wrong things as their happiness. It’s really hard to reach happiness, but the most difficult task is to determine what makes YOU happy.

Joy is a bright and

Joy is a bright and amazing feeling! It’s kind of happiness, but not as loud as it. It’s kind of laughter, but it’s not always as reasonable as it. But nevertheless, these three things give you a prefect combination. Try it!

All changes are different

All changes are different. Some changes are big, some are small, some hurt really bad, some make you happy. But every change is for the better, remember that, and never stop fighting for your changes!

Every change in

Every change in your life will change you also. It will either bring you down or help you rise up, and it’s your choice which one it is.

People have to admit

People have to admit that there’s no unified happiness for everybody. People are different and their ideas on what happiness is are also different. And that’s okay, because it means that the world is full of things that can make us truly happy.

Sometimes joy doesn’t

Sometimes joy doesn’t need any reasons. It just comes. And our task is to receive it with open arms and to keep this wonderful moment in our heart as long as it’s possible. Appreciate every joyful moment.

Life quotes

Many problems in our lives would melt,
if all people in the world learn to talk to each other
instead of talking about each other.

Life is an amazing

Life is an amazing journey, filled with lots of adventures, ups, downs, heartbreaks, successes and many other things. But the most important thing is finding and creating yourself, and I wanted to wish you luck on that!

Not every change will

Not every change will bring you happiness immediately. But over time you’ll see that all changes are worth every drop of pain you feel.

What is happiness

What is happiness? Some people say it’s clothes, some say it’s food and others say it’s money. But to me happiness is a healthy family, love and joy. That is what I call happiness and I will fight for it!

If you’re happy and

If you’re happy and full of joy, then share it with the world. This is the only way to make other people happier, so don’t be greedy.

Everyone is fighting

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Some battles are small, but some are huge. Never leave someone when they need you, because we all live, we all fight and we all need each other!

Nobody should be

Nobody should be afraid of changes – on the contrary, we should seek them. Change is a positive word with a positive and optimistic meaning. Changes come to the people who need them the most.

Happiness is often

Happiness is often taken for granted, but we all know that it is an amazing and beautiful thing, and without it the world would be just dull, with no smiles or sunshine. Happiness is a part of life, that we all need, remember that!

Joy is not something

Joy is not something we have to wait for. Joy is something we should go and search or even fight for. Sometimes we should really take a step closer to it and only then we’ll become happier.

There is a journey

There is a journey we call life, it has its ups and downs, but it is really worth to be in, because there are many adventures to come!

Changes are everywhere

Changes are everywhere, just look around: the moon changes the sun every night, the stars in the sky change their position they were the night before, and the blue sky changes into a dark black night. Never be afraid to change.

Being happy is what

Being happy is what everyone wants, but no one seems to be fighting for happiness. Some people think that happiness is money, some think it’s clothes, but true happiness comes from your heart, not from what other people think happiness is. Happiness is different.

Most of the time

Most of the time we are in a hurry or busy with work. We don’t even have a minute to stop and just enjoy our life. Find a little time, listen to the song the world is whispering to you and you’ll see that it’s beautiful and full of joy.

Life is just an amazing

Life is just an amazing book that we all write ourselves. Some chapters are sad, and some are really great, but they all are emotional and inspiring. That is the thing. Try to live your life at full and you’ll never regret a single chapter of it.

These days, people are

These days, people are so afraid to be different, to change something in their life, because they are afraid to be judged by other people. But you should learn that everyone goes through changes. It’s okay to change something that doesn’t work for you.

Happiness is something

Happiness is something not everyone has, but it’s the thing that everyone wants,
Once you have it, never take it for granted.
Never waist it and forget about it, because some people would kill to be happy!

Joy is the first sunny

Joy is the first sunny day after a week of continuous downpour. Joy is a smile of the one we love. Joy is hidden among everyday things, and sometimes we don’t even notice when it comes. But we should pay attention to it.

Never give up on

Never give up on life, even if you think it’s over. Just stop and think twice, you have a bright future ahead of you, and you should be able to see it.

Only great changes

Only great changes can show us how strong and hardy we are. Only changes are able to prove who is our real friend and who is a fake. So don’t be afraid of changes – they are painful, but you’ll see who is who, after all.

Willing to fight for

Willing to fight for your happiness is half the battle. First of all, you should listen to your heart and try to find what really makes you happy.

Joy is like a small

Joy is like a small happiness or a considerable part of it. It’s something everyone must have. Without it, life would be dull and bleak. Fight for your joy and happiness, and you’ll get it!

Life will drag you

Life will drag you down, because it makes the strongest people fight. There is a saying I believe: “Life only makes the strongest soldiers fight, because it knows that everyone else is already crawling on their knees”.

We all know how

We all know how it feels to make a change in our lives, we all had our ups and downs, we all had pain in our chest just because of making one little change. Some of us are scared, but actually we shouldn’t be, because a change is normal. Even if it hurts like hell, it will make you stronger and happier eventually.

Happiness is a thing

Happiness is a thing worth fighting for. No matter how hard you think it will be, you have to achieve the goal you set yourself to do, and that the most important thing. Happiness is all about fighting and learning new things, so go and do it!

You can find joy

You can find joy in absolutely unexpected places and situations. The only necessary condition is that you have to stay open for it.

Life is all about

Life is all about not giving up, creating yourself and learning, so do these things with pride, and never listen to what other people say. Just do what makes you happy.

Changes can be scary

Changes can be scary, but everyone goes through them. We can’t circumvent them, because they always come: some sooner, some later, some hurt more, some make you happier that you were before. But I believe that all changes are for the better, even if you think your life is falling apart.

We all want to be

We all want to be happy. Some of us just pretend, make a fake smile and go through life. Some of us are really happy. Anyway, we all must fight for happiness, because it is the most beautiful thing in people’s life and it is worth every fight.

Life is all about

Life is all about struggles, and these struggles teach you things. And if there are no struggles, then there is no life.

Joy is a natural part

Joy is a natural part of life, some have it sooner than others, but in the end, everyone has felt at least a little bit of joy, because we all deserve it.

We all are afraid of

We all are afraid of changes in our lives, but every change brings many new things, and every new thing brings a new experience and starts a new chapter in our life.

I remember a woman

I remember a woman, who inspired me. She always said, “Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life”. I was wondering why she was saying it all the time, it’s not that important, but then I realized that it was. We really have to fight for happiness because happiness attracts all the other good things in our life.

Everyone should have

Everyone should have joy in their life. And if you don’t, you have to get it somewhere, because joy is just as important as any other thing in life. You have to fight for it! Remember the more you fight the better it gets!

Even if you think

Even if you think that life is dragging you down, never stop smiling, and you will see that one day life will get tired of upsetting you.

The true value of

The true value of love, support and care is learned only at the time of loneliness.

The empty pockets might

The empty pockets might teach you a million things in your life,
While the full pockets might teach you some things as well,
But also they might spoil you in a million ways.

Never make permanent

Never make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings and emotions.

When I hear some

life quotes

When I hear some person saying „Life is so hard“, I wish to ask „Compared to what?“.

Don‘t estimate a person

Don‘t estimate a person by his current position, because time has the power to change a simple stone into a precious diamond.

If a person never fails

If a person never fails means that he is not taking enough risks.

There are 2 kinds of

There are 2 kinds of losers – those who think, but never do, and those who do, but never think.

Never walk as if you

Never walk as if you are the king of the world, better walk as if you don‘t care who rules the world.

There is no point in

There is no point in running fast, if you run in the wrong direction.
First you need to choose the right way and then move fast.

If you stop and throw

If you stop and throw stones at each dog that barks, you will never reach your destination.
So better keep biscuits for the dogs and keep moving on.

2 thoughts decide what

2 thoughts decide what kind of person you are:
First one is what you think of yourself when you have got nothing.
And the second one is what you think of other people when you have got everything.

Always find some time

Always find some time for special people in your life.
Cause otherwise one day you‘ll have time,
But there will be no special people around you to share it with.

People can be taught

People can be taught history, science, philosophy.. but they cannot be taught common sense.

When we were kids, we

When we were kids, we used pencils. Now when we have grown up, we use pens.
Do you know why? Because mistakes in childhood can be easily erased, but not when we become adults and face the real world.

Life quote

Did you notice that when you try to control everything, then you enjoy nothing in your life?

When you do not stand

When you do not stand for something, then you‘ll fall for anything.

The wise man was

The wise man was asked about the meaning of life. His answer was: “Life has no meaning itself. Life only gives you an opportunity to create a meaning by yourself”.