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Friendship is one of the most important and valuable things. All of us need friends to share our thoughts and feelings, our happy and sad moments of life. Let them know how much they mean to you by sending them cute best friend quotes, best friend wishes and sweet cards. Lots of  best friend messages with images you will find on our page.

Best friend is like the

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Best friend is like the ray of sunshine in the darkness. When storm clouds of life are gathering and it seems that there’s no hope, the best friend will always come to you and light your way out.

Sometimes a true friend

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Sometimes a true friend can be closer to you than your own family. Sometimes he can understand you better than you can understand yourself. A real friendship knows no borders and limits.

It’s wonderful how

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It’s wonderful how friendship is able to create a special magical world where only you and your friend live. This world is full of common interests, points of view, humour, jokes and secrets which only you can understand.

Nobody can buy

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Nobody can buy a real friend. The only way to get a friend is to gain his trust and try to never lose it.

True friendship is a lovely

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True friendship is a lovely track, travelled by friends, caring about each other, sharing troubles and delights,
understanding and forgiving. It is the knowledge: „When you need me, I will always be there for you“.

Spending time with

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Spending time with the best friend is like having a holiday. It brings you so many positive emotions and joy that you can’t forget it for a long time.

To make one hundred friends in

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To make one hundred friends in one year is not a great achievement.
But to make one friend for a hundred years, that is the true achievement!

True friend is just like a morning

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True friend is just like a morning,
Although he cannot be with you all day,
You can be sure, that he will be there when you get up tomorrow, next year, always.

Friendship is like wet cement

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Friendship is like wet cement – the longer you stand on it, the harder it gets to leave and you can never go without leaving a footprint.

Some people believe

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Some people believe in luck, other people believe in love or power. But I believe in true friendship – the noblest thing on the planet.

How can we tell

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How can we tell a true friend from a fake? Only time can tell. The only thing we can do is try to be patient and never judge our friends too strict but at the same time we shouldn’t allow them let us down.

Best friend will tell

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Best friend will tell you the bitter truth not to offend you or let you down, but to open your eyes and to show you the right way.

The best friend

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The best friend is the one who tells unpleasant truths right in your face, but not behind your back.

Friendship is like

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Friendship is like a tree. And it depends on you whether it’s going to be a strong, mighty and healthy tree or a weak and sickly bush. Friendship needs to be looked after and taken care of.

Many people use the

Many people use the word “friend” every day referring to their mates or simple acquaintances – in other words, the people they don’t even know. And it what makes friendship so cheap nowadays. The word “friend” is beautiful, majestic and full of meaning, that’s why we shouldn’t neglect it.

Best friend wishes

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The best friends don‘t need to have the same characters. They just need to have the best understanding of their differences.

Admitting that you

Admitting that you have the funniest, the smartest, the most honest and loyal friend in the world is a complement not only to your friend, but to you also.

Friendship is not just a word

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Friendship is not just a word or some kind of liability.
It is a silent promise that I was, I am and I will always be there for you.

When we are happy

When we are happy, we want to share our happiness with someone close and dear to our heart, because we know that it’ll make him happy too. When we are upset, we also want to share our sadness with someone who’s able to change our mood for the better. And this someone is the best friend.

Best friend card

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If I had an opportunity to have all the money in the world, I would never take it. Because for me, there’s no more valuable thing on the Earth than real friendship.

The most precious thing

The most precious thing one can get from friendship is an unwavering confidence that you’ll never know what it means to tackle with the problems on your own as long as your friend stays by your side.

You realize that you

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You realize that you have the best friend only when you both spend a sleepless night because there are so many significant things to talk about. A fusion of souls is what real friends feel every time when they open their heart.

Best friend is someone

Best friend is someone who can sacrifice for you a lot and do for you many things that he can’t do even for himself. Real friendship is a great gift and a curse at the same time.

Knowing that there’s somebody

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Knowing that there’s somebody who’s able to understand your lonely heart is very, very rare and this makes it so valuable and special.

Best friends bring

Best friends bring much pleasure and joy to each other. But if you really want to have a strong and long-lasting friendship you also have to take on the responsibilities, because being a good friend is very, very hard.

We need to learn

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We need to learn how to choose friends. But we will never learn how to choose best friends, because they are sent to us by providence. They are the missing pieces of ourselves, our souls and hearts.

The truth is that

The truth is that we need our best friend all the time, not only when we have difficult times in our life or in the moments of joy. We should always think about our friend and concern about his well-being.

How do we tell

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How do we tell a best friend from a good mate? They both can feel your mood, but the best friend always looks deeper. He always knows the reason of your happiness or sadness. He loves you even when you forget to love yourself.

The best friend, who

The best friend, who betrayed you or traded you for someone else, was not your best friend at all. He is not worth of crying and suffering.

Best friend is someone

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Best friend is someone who will share a lonely Friday evening with you and make your melancholy go away. Best friend is someone who will give you a shelter when you need to feel safe and warm. In other words,best friend will never let you know what loneliness is.

Friend are like stars, although

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Friend are like stars, although you cannot see them all the time, but you know for sure that they won‘t disappear.

Best friend is someone

Best friend is someone you are not afraid to call in the middle of the night and cry your heart out. He will never shout at you or something – he will listen to you very attentively and then offer his help.

Real friendship is the

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Real friendship is the best cure for loneliness. I fell so grateful for having such a great friend like you.

Sometimes I feel

Sometimes I feel like me and my best friend are either the same person or have a special connection. When my friend’s happy, I’m happy too. When my friend gets hurt, I feel his pain too. I always feel the same as my friend does.

When I feel that nothing

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When I feel that nothing is under control and the entire world is falling apart, I go to the only safe place on the Earth I know. And this place is your house. Thank you for the friendship you give me.

Best friend will never

Best friend will never try to change you despite he understands you’re not perfect. Best friend is like a mother – he loves and accepts you just the way you are. And even more – he turns your drawbacks into advantages.

Actually, we don’t need

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Actually, we don’t need any therapists. When there’s a sad or funny story to share the best place we can go is our friend’s house. Heart-to heart chats over a cup of tea are everything we need to get better.

The best way to know

The best way to know if your best friend is a real one is to see what he will tell other people about you after a fight. There’s no former best friends – real friendship is for life.

True friendship doesn‘t

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True friendship doesn‘t need any proofs or promises.
It has no demands nor expectations.
It just needs two people, who can hear the hearts of each other.

They say that the

They say that the most significant and dearest people for us are those whom we think about first when you wake up. And you are one of these people, because you’re my best friend, my soul mate.

Every garden should have

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Every garden should have a Rose,
Every face should have a Smile,
Every grass should have a Dew
And every person should have a true friend like you!

When your best friend

When your best friend comes, you’ll make the most delicious dinner to delight him. When he says that he’s leaving, you’ll make everything that is possible to make him stay a little bit longer. When he says that you’re the best friend of him, it’s enough to make you happy.

Friendship is a great gift that

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Friendship is a great gift that has to be cherished with love and care.
I will always cherish our friendship in my heart!

There’s only one best

There’s only one best friend. Not four, not three, not even two – only one. But this friend costs a hundred of so-called friends. Remember that he’s the only one for you on this planet and take good care of him as hard as you can.

Friendship is not written

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Friendship is not written on a sheet of paper, cause it can be torn,
It is neither written on a rock, cause even rock can be broken.
True friendship is written on the person‘s heart
And it stays with him forever.

Sometimes you don’t

Sometimes you don’t need to explain your feelings – your best friend will understand you without a word. Sometimes you don’t need to explain yourself – your best friend knows you even better than you know yourself.

I guess I am one of

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I guess I am one of the lucky few
To have such an amazing friend like you!

You realize that your

You realize that your friend is really close and dear to your heart when you can’t stand telling everyone around you how great, intelligent and funny your friend is. You never envy you friend – you’re really proud of him.

Best friend quotes

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True friendship is not a demonstration of care by sending messages and calling.
True friendship means that we deeply understand each other and keep remembering each other in our hearts.

Being best friend is

Being best friend is not that easy. It is not something we can be taught – it’s something we should learn and comprehend ourselves. But in the long run it’s the most useful and beautiful knowledge in our life.