New Year poems for family and friends

New Year is a time of new hopes and new beginings in our lives, a time to celebrate a clean state of mind and share lovely moments with your dear ones. It is a perfect opportunity to show your friends and family how much they mean to you and wish them all the best luck for the upcoming year. Maybe you always wished to make the amazing moment of New Year even more special by expressing your warm wishes and greetings in a poetic fashion? Just check out our top collection of New Year poems for family and friends, let them know how you feel.

May the New Year bring...

happy new year card

May the New Year bring love and joy
You need to learn how to enjoy
Each moment of this special life
And leave behind your inner strife!

Begin this year with...

new year greeting

Begin this year with something new
Start morning with a honeydew
Play darts, paint bees, grow trees, feed cats
New Year’s about changing habits!

I want to kiss you as...

I want to kiss you as the clock strikes twelve,
To put out troubles on a distant shelf
The things get better when you’re here
Don’t ever try to disappear!

Love is something that is...

new year wishes

Love is something that is endless
Throws away all of my sadness
Make next year a special time
Love of yours is always mine!

The New Year’s night...

The New Year’s night comes in our house
Makes happy every little mouse
I’m glad to spend this night with you
And sure that you do feel it too!

The endless love you...

new year card

The endless love you keep inside
Makes New Year’s night a special one
Don’t waste this pretty magic light
On someone who deserves none!

Be sure this magic...

Be sure this magic never ends
Leave all your desperate regrets
Next year will be the happy one
No matter what, your life goes on!

New Year is something...

New Year is something that makes me feel
That your love for me is real
I’ll safe this feeling deep inside
And give you everything that’s mine!

Tonight your eyes shine...

new year poems

Tonight your eyes shine brighter than ever
Like endless glowing of the stars
Let’s make New Year’s night last forever
And save this night for two of us!

New Year is coming to the...

New Year is coming to the city
The streets have never been so pretty
And on this magic New Year’s night
I want to have you by my side!

Here comes the new...

Here comes the new time,
It’s not just about the beginning,
But about the end,
This time is filled with peace,
A time to spend,
Flashes of the year have gone by,
Waiting for a new dawn,
I’m wishing you a happy New Year!

Let go of old things...

new year image

Let go of old things,
Let go of your stress,
The New Year is the perfect time to let go of the past,
This time has certainly moved faster,
But welcome this wonderful New Year with a soothing smile on your face
Because this is the only grace,
That will last,
Wishing you a happy new year!

Another meaning of the...

Another meaning of the New Year is new hope in life.
New Year brings in new strive
But in the middle of new things,
A strange happiness lies within,
Of all the things so unique,
Of all the things seen,
Celebrate these moments for sure
Because, here comes the New Year
Happy New Year!

May this New Year find...

new year poems for family

May this New Year find you healthier, happier, more peaceful and satisfied,
Hoping for a revitalizing, varieties of pleasure,
New and interesting people, personal and material successes
To make this New Year your best.
Happy New Year!

New Year poems...

May your days are sunny and bright,
And your whole life is full of light.
Always be firm and never get fear,
Cause God gives us a brand New Year!


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Hey, here comes my...

happy new year wishes

Hey, here comes my New Year’s reality Check
Another year is another fresh chance
To start all over again!
This time around, we will go over old barriers
To experience a solid break through,
We promise to take one little step
And another,
We promise to totally explore,
Our unlimited range of potential,
We will showcase all of our talent
We will be a source of inspiration for everyone
And stop our bad habits
We will accomplish every of our goal
And wishing you the same too,
Happy New Year!

Looking ahead, all I see...

Looking ahead, all I see is every day with you
Filled with the sweet warmth of excitement,
A deeper, fulfilling love, than I could ever think of
Spending the New Year with you is the most precious treasure
I could ever have,
Happy New Year dear!

Wishing you a wonderful...

new year poems for friend

Wishing you a wonderful New Year
Ι feel so happy spending the New Year with you,
My treasured, cherished, and my most special one,
Who has given unto me the special gift of happiness and joy,
Comfort and peace, adventure and excitement,
Happy New Year!

With the start of this...

With the start of this New Year,
I pray to God to give you a reason to smile every day,
May this wonderful New Year brings to you 365 reasons
So that living life becomes sweet and easier
And your problems will be solved with a soothing smile on your faces,
Happy New Year!

Have you ever had...

happy new year poems

Have you ever had the feeling
That everything is possible?
I’m sure that this year will bring you
Even the impossible!

May the coming year...

May the coming year
Be full of wonderful events!
May everything be clear
Without sorrows and offence!

Maybe, it is cold...

Maybe, it is cold outside
But we’ll warm up together
In the coming year I’ll be by your side
And you won’t be bothered by cold weather!

A lot of presents...

happy new year ecard

A lot of presents and sweet wishes
You’ll get this New Year’s night.
May all it be just a repetition
Of life that’s full of warmth and light!

A good New Year is...

A good New Year is the one
That is celebrated in a friendly atmosphere.
With jokes and real fun.
Wish you a Happy New Year!

Friends, family and the...

Friends, family and the loved ones –
They’re the best gift ever.
They have been given us once
To love, support, take care of them forever.
To celebrate all holidays together,
To warm each other in a cold and windy weather.
To wish them a happy, a bright day –
And stay together on this holiday.
Happy New Year!

If something is...

If something is wrong,
This year will fix it all.
You need to be strong
And you’ll get what you want!

It’s better to laugh...

It’s better to laugh
Then to frown or cry.
It’s better to love,
Cause love will take you high.
Take only best from this beautiful year,
And you’ll finally see
The real happiness, my dear!

May your whole life...

May your whole life
Be a permanent holiday!
May the road of ongoing light
Pave you a wonderful way!

I want to wish you...

I want to wish you a happy New Year,
That will bring you many achievements
In love, friendship and career.
Good luck!

This year will bring...

This year will bring
A lot of things to enjoy.
I wish you well-being,
Much happiness and joy!