Teacher's Day messages

This section offers you a wide range of Happy Teacher's Day messages, cards as well as appreciation words for teacher, which will definitely make him/her happy. Teachers are real heroes. They spend years teaching us not only mathematics, literature and other school subjects, but also teaching us to be good people. That is why we all are so grateful to them and want them to know how we appreciate their work.

The only one irreplaceable

The only one irreplaceable teacher that I can think of is You! Best wishes on Teacher’s Day!

Congratulations on this

Congratulations on this special day, dear Teacher. Big appreciation for teaching and educating us.

Dear teacher, thank you

Teacher's day quotes

Dear teacher, thank you for all those priceless lessons and knowledge that you have given for us.

Just because of your

Just because of your dedication and commitment you made me best. Thank you, dear Teacher!

Thank you for all

Thank you for all your hard work to make me grow and become what I am now. Happy Teacher’s Day!

You taught us

teacher's day messages

You taught us not only the subject – you taught us life. Every time I have troubles or problems, I remember your wise words and everything falls into place. Thank you for being the wisest and kindest teacher ever!

If knowledge is

If knowledge is the light, then you are this guiding star that gives us this light. Thanks to you, we abandoned ignorance and got ready to explore this wonderful world full of knowledge and amazing mysteries!

Dear teacher, thank

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Dear teacher, thank you for believing in me when no one else did and for teaching me the things that I know today. I really appreciate your devotion to what you do.

We all came here

We all came here to thank you for all your patience and hard work put into us!
We wish you that next year you have even better kids that we were!

Dear teacher, two

Dear teacher, two simple words “Thank you” are not enough to show you how grateful we are. You taught us to be men – and this is the most important thing we learnt during all this time. Thank you!

Thank you, my

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Thank you, my dearest teacher, for never doubting us and for always being there when we needed you.

The greatest thing

The greatest thing a teacher can do is to prove pupils that they are smart, intelligent, talented and creative. Thank you for your amazing work and showing us who we really are.

We all admire

We all admire your patience and devotion to your work! You are an inspiring teacher who does much for pupils and we all appreciate it. Thank you for teaching us!

I know being

I know being a teacher is hard, because you need to be patient and love kids. You were really special teacher, you always believed in us and that is what made us believe in ourselves too. Thank you for that!

Sometimes we were

Sometimes we were insufferable, sometimes we did the craziest things… But you never lost your faith in us despite everything. And this is what makes us grateful to you.

We all wanted

We all wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for never losing your patience with us, and for teaching us everything that we know today! It really helps in life!

Dear teacher, even

Dear teacher, even though we made you mad all the time, we still knew that your patience wouldn’t run out, because you’re the kindest and most patient teacher ever.

When we couldn’t

When we couldn’t understand something, you explained it to us patiently. When we didn’t do our homework, you punished us, but it was fair. When we grew up, we realized that everything you did for us was from the bottom of your heart. We really appreciate it!

Teacher is not

Teacher is not just a profession or work – it’s a calling. Real teacher is not the man who is good at mathematics or literature, but the man who’s capable to waken the interest of pupils to these subjects. In other words, real teacher is You.

Today we all

Today we all came here to show you our gratitude and to tell you that still to this day we appreciate every single thing you have done for us!

Our dearest teacher

Our dearest teacher, we really miss your teaching and we really do appreciate all your hard work and effort put into each and every one of us! Thank you!

Dear teacher

Dear teacher,
We appreciate your effort and hard work,
We miss your teaching to this day,
We will bring our children to you one day!

There’s no more

There’s no more noble a cause than to teach children, conveying the knowledge of our ancestors to them. Dear teacher, you did it the best and we are really happy that you were our Mentor, with a capital “M”.

I really appreciate

I really appreciate all of your hard work put in to me every day. I will always be thankful to you for teaching me things that no one else could.

We all really

We all really appreciate you as our teacher,
And we all hope that you will still have us next year,
We all really love you,
Because you are the best teacher ever!

Good teachers are

Good teachers are hard to find and we were really lucky to have you as our teacher. You made us want to become better students and better persons. That means a lot.

We want to remember

We want to remember good things and people and forget about all the bad things. We still remember you, our dear teacher, because you definitely were one of the greatest people in our life. Thank you for good memories!

People come and

People come and go, but teacher stays in our hearts forever. Because you taught us many things that helped us a lot in life. And the most significant thing that you taught us was to remember our roots. Thank you for it!

We know sometimes

We know sometimes we were unbearable, but you always were able to get through to us. Sometimes we didn’t appreciate what you did for us, but now we fully realize that you are the wisest teacher in the world and we’re really grateful to you!

There are many

There are many sorts of teachers. Some of them are good, some are bad, some ruin our self-esteem and some make us believe in ourselves. And you are exactly this kind of teacher. Thank you for being kind to us.

There are so

There are so many things that I’m grateful to you for in my life. For your support when I needed it the most, for the piece of advice that you gave me when I got lost, for your endless care. You’re not only a distinguished teacher, but also an amazing person. That’s why we appreciate you so much.

Many kids in their

Many kids in their childhood want to be teachers when they grow up, but very few become them. And I am really happy you went all this way, because I had an incredible opportunity to be your student. You are an amazing teacher and I believe there are many people who agree with me. Thank you for everything!

Being teacher is

Being teacher is the toughest job in the world, because it requires more knowledge than any professor may have, more patience than surgeon needs and more courage than cosmonaut has. That is why I worship you so much!

You put your soul

You put your soul in everything you did. And now, as your student, as the one who has been taught by you, I have a part of your soul in my body as well. That is why I will never forget you and your wisdom. Thank you for everything you did for me!

Teacher is not just a word

Teacher is not just a word, there are so many things behind it: wisdom and patience, intimate knowledge and endless care. Teacher is not just a profession – it is a vocation. And we should cherish every outstanding teacher as I cherish you!