Birthday wishes for dad

Dads are the strongest, the smartest and the funniest men on Earth. They taught us many things, indulged our fantasies and encouraged all our endeavors, even the craziest ones. They were always there for us. And, of course, they deserve to get back attention, care and love. An incredible birthday wish would be a nice addition to the things mentioned above and will definitely bring joy to your dear dad. Search for the best wish among these birthday wishes for dad, presented on this page.

Birthdays are made

Birthdays are made to be happy, that’s what you always say. And it is very important to be surrounded by someone you love on that magical day. And I’m going to make your birthday as magical as possible, just like you always do for me. I love you to the Moon and back, and even more. thank you for everything. Congratulations on your birthday!


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Don’t you agree

Don’t you agree that only happy faces and smiles should surround you today? I’m preparing a big surprise for you.

Dad, can we have

Dad, can we have a father and daughter/son time? I really miss our time as in my childhood. I hope to see you soon. Happy birthday!

Daddy, I cannot

Daddy, I cannot even explain how thankful I am to you for making my childhood the happiest time of my life. Every time I think about you playing with me, making me laugh I can’t stop myself from smiling. You are, no doubt, the best dad in the world and absolutely beautiful human being. I love you, happy birthday!

Everybody says that

Everybody says that dads have to be tough and serious. But I’m so happy that you are not like this. You can be tough, but most of the time your love and kindness fill my heart with so much happiness, I cannot live without this warm feeling in my chest. I love you so very much and wish you the best of all. Have a very happy birthday!

I’m so excited and

I’m so excited and happy for you, my lovely dad. Today it’s your birthday and I’ll hug you after so much time. Be ready for birthday surprise!

When mom tells

When mom tells “no”, it is obvious that you should go to dad and ask again. Then you get your “yes”. Daddy, your endless love is something that fills my life with sense, supports me when I feel bad and makes me feel so warm and happy when I feel alone. I love you more than anything in the world. Congratulations on your birthday!

Today is the best

Today is the best holiday on Earth, because my beloved dad was born. I wish you to spend this day in a cozy and warm atmosphere and receive many positive emotions. Happy birthday!

Dad is a person who

Dad is a person who gives you everything you want. All those expensive presents you give me bring me so much joy each and every time. But there is something more important than gifts – your love, dad. I’m so happy to call you my father. You are the best. Wishing you the best of all this world can give. Have a very happy birthday!

Daddy, you are the

Daddy, you are the most handsome and beautiful father. I hope that you’ll always be so young and energy. Wish you the best. Happy birthday!

It was always you

It was always you who has been teaching me how to live this life. Every little detail about the world that surrounds me was described by you with such patience and attention. And now I understand that everything I know is everything you’ve told me. I could not be happier. I love you so very much. Congratulations on your birthday!

My lovely and

My lovely and sweet dad, I want to wish you only one thing – stay healthy! It’s the most important. Don’t be sad that 365 days passed. New days are waiting for you! Happy birthday!

Dad, you have always

Dad, you have always been worrying about losing your strength, not being able to protect and take care of me and mom anymore. But you have nothing to be afraid of. The real strength is something that comes from your spirit, and your spirit is absolutely unbreakable. I’m wishing you happiness, a lot of patience and luck in life. Love you so much, happy birthday.

Dear dad, how

Dear dad, how amazing you are. You are the best man and friend in my life. Happy birthday!

I cannot even

I cannot even explain how grateful I am to you for everything that you’ve done to me. “There is nothing my dad cannot do” – that’s how I started conversation when I was a little girl. I still think the same. You are my own one and only unstoppable superhero. I love you endlessly and wish you the best of all. Congratulations on your birthday, daddy!

Wonderful dad – wonderful

Wonderful dad – wonderful birthday! I wish you always stay wild child and enjoy every moment! You are the best dad in the world. Love you!

I remember you

I remember you making me braids and doing your best to dress me well, when mom for whatever reason didn’t have an opportunity to do it. You didn’t succeed, but you tried so hard that I always told you: you did a great job, daddy. I appreciate and love you so much for everything you’ve been doing for me for all these years. You are amazing. I love you, happy birthday!

Age doesn’t mean

Age doesn’t mean anything as long as you feel young-at-heart. Wish you to stay full of energy, healthy and ambitious just as you are now. We will always be by your side supporting you. Happy birthday!

The year passed but

The year passed but you still so youthful. I’m really happy that I have you and can congratulate you with birthday. Love you, dad.

I know that it

I know that it wasn’t always easy to keep us safe, dad. You say that you have to be our protection, our wall that we can hide behind in case of any kind of danger. On that day I just want you to know that I notice it and appreciate it very much. I couldn’t even dream of such an amazing dad. Thank you for everything, I love you very much. Happy birthday!

Dear dad, birthday is

Dear dad, birthday is the right time to forget about your problems and concerns and just relax. Let us take care of you and bring you much joy today. Happy birthday! Enjoy yourself.

You always took

You always took care of our family and sometimes even sacrificed your own well-being and desires for us. You always loved me unconditionally. You always were by my side when I needed it the most and when the whole world turned its back on me. You have shown me what true family means and I hope I won’t let you down when I start my own family. Be happy and healthy. I love you.

The more I live

The more I live the more I understand that my parents’ health and well-being are the most significant things for me. That’s why on your birthday, I wish you to stay healthy and joyful for many long years. Happy birthday!

Daddy, you always

Daddy, you always try your best to make us happy and make sure that we have everything we need. You’re our superhero. And I wish you to be happy as well. Because your happiness is our happiness.

Dear dad, thank you

Dear dad, thank you for all that you gave me and for showing how amazing this world is. I’ll always be with you and stand by your side. Congratulations!

Being dad is the

Being dad is the most responsible role ever, because it means that you have to take care of every member of the family and stay strong no matter what. And you’re really good at being the best dad and that’s why we love you and wish you a happy birthday!

I have always

I have always admired you. You are the most intelligent, the most talented and the strongest dad of all. And I’m really proud to be your child. You’re the heart of our family and we’ll never stop loving and respecting you. Happy birthday!

Daddy, I’m very

Daddy, I’m very happy that you gave me your blue eyes and big smile. I’m a little copy of you and I’m very happy for that. Love you and biggest congratulations with birthday!

Dad, I wish you

Dad, I wish you all the best: the best work, the best places to visit, the best people to meet, the best feelings to experience, the best family to be proud of. And I promise to make the last wish come true. Happy birthday!

You’re one of the

You’re one of the most important persons for me. You’re a role model and the one I will always aspire to become. I wish that one day you will be proud of me, because I know how much it means to you. Have fun today!