Happy Women's Day Wishes With Images

On this page we present you a nice collection of Happy Women's Day wishes with images. International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th. It is a great occasion to show attention to all the women in your life by sending one of these messages for mom, aunt, sister, teacher, female colleague, girlfriend, wife and more. Make them feel appreciated on this day. We hope that here you will find great ideas how to say "Happy Women's Day". Here you will also find lots of beautiful Happy Women's Day cards for Facebook.

Happy Women’s Day greeting texts

Women's day wishes

I can’t find the words to express how I feel about women. Their strength and power, their ability to keep their heads up no matter what. I admire it on every possible level. Girls run the world, that’s the only thing I know for sure. Happy Women’s day!


We all know that this world would mean nothing without a woman or a girl. Women are stronger than anyone can imagine. Let’s celebrate their endless power today. Happy Women’s day.


Woman can be powerful without being aggressive. Isn’t it amazing? May the marvelous feminine energy cover our world with its warmth and greatness. Happy Women’s day to all of us!


Women are world’s greatest inspiration. Let’s praise our muses and never forget how amazing and wonderful they are. Respect and cherish them every single day. Happy Women’s day!


Women have deserved so much than just a day in a year. The power they have inside is enormous. This day is a reminder for every human being in the world to love and admire women, for they deserved it. Happy Women’s day!

Happy women’s day cards for Facebook

Happy Women's Day wishes

A woman is so much more than just a human being. She has Gods power to create a life, to cope with so much pain and somehow always end up being the strongest one in every room. Happy Women’s Day to all Goddesses out there!


Today we celebrate the most amazing thing God has every created. You know what they say: this is the man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. Let’s not forget about that. Happy Women’s Day!


Every woman is a mystery no man can solve. God blessed us with ladies, so let’s love and appreciate them till the end of time. Don’t forget to appreciate and cherish your mother, sister and wife. Happy Women’s Day!


Such an amazing opportunity to thank all of the beautiful, wonderful, charming women out there! Thank you for making life possible, thank you for being so different and strong! Happy Women’s Day!


Happy Women’s day to the strong, beautiful, funny and incredible women! I will never stop admire your strength and intelligence. Who runs the world? Girls! Happy Women’s day!

Happy women’s day wishes

happy womens day

Spring and women have much in common. They both are about flowering, revival, inspiration and beauty. Wish you to stay young, fresh and feminine 24/7. Happy Women’s Day!


Dear and beloved women! I wish that this wonderful holiday remind you of the joy of motherhood and of happiness in marriage. It’s Women’s Day today so let yourself enjoy being women in full!


Let the spring sun melt snow and ice.
Let it bring happiness, joy and lights to your hearts,
Let it bring lots of love to your homes.
I greet you with the beautiful spring and Woman’s day!


I wish you on the Women’s day
A lot of happiness, good health, luck and joy!
You are so bright like the sun
You are so generous like the earth
You are so strong like a man
And all together you are woman!


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Women’s day greetings

happy womens day image

Dear women, you are so beautiful,
This day is for you and you truly deserve it!
Wishing you the most wonderful Women’s Day!


Spring’s white snowdrops have already flowered
Let your hearts glow with flowers today, be loved and loving.
Congratulations on Women’s day!


Let the smile adorn your face
Let men fell at your feet
Today feel as if in Heaven
Because it is the 8th of March!


Dear Women!
You are remarkable treasures of the Universe,
You adorn and cherish the World,
And You give it spirituality!

Happy Women’s day quotes

happy womens day

If life is art, then a woman is a masterpiece. She’s an embodiment of beauty, kindness, pride, tenderness, self-sacrifice and dignity. She’s a real masterpiece that we all admire. Happy Women’s Day!


Red flowers are everywhere,
White cloth is on the table,
Let’s pour good Champagne
Today is our women’s day!


Let yourself always be woken up by bird songs and sunny spells,
Let your life bloom and thrive,
Let the 8th of March cover you in beautiful flowers!

Women’s day messages

happy women's day card for facebook

I’ve seen many beautiful things. I’ve seen oceans and mountains, great architecture and masterpieces. But for me woman was, is and forever will be the most magnificent and charming thing in the world. Happy Women’s Day!


With the first spring chimes,
With the first lark’s song,
Happiness, joy, health and energy
I wish on the 8th March occasion!


Let’s drink Wine or splash Champagne,
Let’s kiss the neighbour or wink to stranger,
Because today is our day
The 8th March, dear women!

Happy women’s day images

women's day messages

Dear women, this day is dedicated to you,
Let me greet you with this beautiful holiday
I wish you lots of love, attention and beautiful flowers…
Happy Women’s Day!


Bloom like rose, smell like lilac,
Shine like stars and the sun!
Dear women, may you always be happy
And never lose your smile!


Your grandmother, daughter, mother, sister – all of them have something in common, they are all strong, they are all beautiful, they are all encouraging. They are women. Happy women’s day!

happy women's day image for facebook

You are like spring: beautiful, tender and inspiring. And just as the first flowers are in bloom, may your life be colourful and sweet too! Happy Women’s Day!


Dear women,

I just wanted to say thank you for being so amazing! You are beautiful, successful, brave and charming. You are wonderful, you should never cry and be sad, never lose your smile, because that is your best gift and best weapon. Happy women’s day!


Red flowers are here, champagne is pouring over the edges, glasses are full, happiness, laughter and love is everywhere, thank you women for being here! Happy women’s day!

happy womens day quotes

Dear women, I wish you lots of beautiful special moments today! May you always be in a cheerful and good mood!


Your name is more beautiful than the sun and a thousand shining stars
Your name is the only in my world, which I hold in my heard deeply…
A women’s life is indeed hard, but you are strong, and you never give up
You know how to smile, dream, lough, even when you are hurt.
Best wishes on Women’s Day!

ecard for women's day

Women are like mystery, saturated with sweetness of rose fragrance and flowers nectar,
Be, live and thrive, because without you, women, the beauty and wisdom of the world will fade.

happy women's day ecard

Among all the holidays of the year, today is my favourite one, because I’m strongly convinced that a woman is the greatest reason to be happy, joyful and grateful. Happy Women’s Day!

happy women's day card

Woman herself is a holiday. Sometimes she’s like a crazy party, sometimes she’s like a calm and innocent celebration within the family. All the women in the world have an incredible ability to add colours in our life. Happy Women’s Day!

women's day wishes

Be happy – feel significant in this World
Be loved and loving,
Let your works be accompanied by success and carried on the wings of dreams!

happy women's day message

We owe much to women. They gave us birth, they gave us life and love. They make us admire everything they do, because it’s all about love, care and beauty –the essential elements, on which the world holds. Happy holiday!

happy women's day

Women are the most wonderful and mysterious creatures on Earth. They are able to be so different and so similar at the same time. They are able to be strong and weak simultaneously. And that’s why we love them so much. Happy Women’s Day!

happy women's day wishes for girlfriend

Throughout history women were the greatest source of inspiration. So many poems, books and paintings were devoted to them. And it was not without a reason, because all women hold an enchanting mystery within them that captures men’s hearts. Happy holiday!

happy womens day greeting

A woman should be like a flower: beautiful, fresh and blooming. Dear women, may you always be wonderful flowers! Happy Women’s Day!

happy-women's day greeting

We know from history lessons that International Women’s Day was initially established as a sign of women’s equality and strength. Nowadays women are really strong and independent, but today is the day when you should let yourself be weak, cute and adorable. Happy women’s day!

women's ay wishes for mom

Today is the day, when we honour and cherish our mothers, sisters, wives… But they are so beautiful and amazing that deserve having such a nice holiday every day of their lives. Happy Women’s Day!

happy-women's day wishes for sister

The world without women is like a blank canvas without any paint. It would be dull and grey without you, our dear women. Never stop bringing happiness, joy and beauty to us! Happy Women’s Day!

happy women's day ecard

Today is the day, when all women on Earth should and must be happy. And our task is to bring them this happiness not only this day, but during the whole lifetime. Because women really deserve it. Happy holiday!

women's day wishes for female colleagues

Women make us admire them. They make us love, they make us hate – in other words, they make us feel. And we, men, are really grateful to you for it. Thank you and a happy Women’s Day!

happy womens day card for aunt

Dear aunty, may you always be so cheerful and charming. I wish you all the best in life on this special Women’s day!

happy women's day card for facebook

Happy women’s day! There would be a lot of emptiness on the Earth, if there weren’t light, love, hope and faith, which you spread around.

happy women's day wishes for wife

I want to present a very unusual bouquet of flowers to you today… May you always stay sophisticated and feminine just like lily, may your life be sunny and bright just like sunflower and may your love be as passionate as wild rose is! Happy women’s day, dear!

happy womens day image for facebook

May you always shine with charm,
May you always live with love and passion,
May your man cover you with roses.
Congratulations on special occasion – the 8th of March!

hapyp women's day wishes

I wish you the most beautiful spring, sunny mood, great health and happiness on the occasion of Women’s Day!

May you always feel like a queen!

happy women's day wishes for aunt

Women are like flowers, and men are like water.
We need water for flowers to grow,
Without flowers the world would not be as beautiful as it is now.

happy women's day

Let you always shine like the Sun
Let the smile always decorate your lips
Let the blue violets play in your eyes.
Have a wonderful Women’s Day!

happy women's day image for facebook

The Earth’s beauty is flowers. The beauty of life is woman’s smile
So blossom and spread your happiness and goodness around!

happy women's day card for friend

You are as beautiful as goddess,
You are delicate like flowers,
You need a lot of love
And a lot of warmth!
On this special day, the spring flowers bloom for you
Much joy and love for all of you on the 8th March!

happy womens day image

Women are very talented – they can be scientists, writers, politicians. But still, the most important thing for every woman is being a wife and a mother. Being a woman, after all. Happy Women’s Day!

women's day card for girlfriend

I greet you with a dawning spring, with a lark’s song, with the first bouquet of violets on this wonderful Women’s day!

happy women's day wishes

This is the day, when we say thank you to all the strong, beautiful and independent women all around the world. Happy women’s day!

happy women's day wishes for girlfriend

Women are strong, women are brave and beautiful. Man can’t be strong without woman. Happy women’s day!

happy women's day message for teacher

Only women are able to be strong and seem weak. Only women are able to be sharp and innocent at the same time. Only women are able to be so different and versatile, and this is the reason why we love them so much. Happy Women’s Day!

happy women's day message

Dear women,
Be happy, be strong and never give up, because you are the sun to many people’s worlds.
Happy women’s day!