Graduation messages for friends

Graduation is one of the most memorable events in life. All graduates are full of pride and high hopes for the future, but this day can be even better if you send them the best warm wishes, so they would know that they’re not the only ones who feel pride. Here you’ll find a nice collection of graduation messages for friends with images, many inspiring and motivational wishes and cards for those who enter into a new chapter of life.  

One more important

graduation quotes

One more important step is taken, one more stage is past. Each your decision takes you higher and higher. And I’m sure you’ll reach all your goals and be satisfied with your life. Congratulations on the graduation!

Live your life

graduation wishes

Live your life with passion! Be courageous, be brave, always be your best! Congratulations with graduation!

Graduation is one of

graduation wishes

Graduation is one of the most unforgettable events in our life. It’s filled with joyful memories, ambitions and hopes for a better future. Wishing you the best of luck in all your endeavors! Congratulations!

May this day be very

graduation image

May this day be very special for you. May the Sun be warmer than ever and may the stars shine brighter. May this wonderful day be the start of your adult life where all your hopes and dreams will immediately come true. Congratulations!

There’s only one thing

graduation wishes

There’s only one thing I want to wish you this day: follow your dreams. May your lucky star show you the way of happiness and well-being! Good luck!

I wish you from the

graduation greeting for friend

I wish you from the bottom of my heart to have only great things on your way: loyal friends, true love, understanding and close-knit family, profession that will bring you money and satisfaction. Good luck, wishing you a successful career ahead!

Happy graduation! You can be

graduation wishes

Happy graduation! You can be proud of yourself! I wish that every step that you take is successful. Good luck to you!

A completely new stage

graduation messages

A completely new stage in your life starts today. Open the door to it confidently and greet new life with a big smile on your face. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, I’m sure everything will be fine.

Imagine a perfect life

graduation greeting for friend

Imagine a perfect life the way you see it. Imagine that everything is possible. All you have to do is to be hard-working and resilient. Congratulations on the graduation!

A bright future is

graduation ecard

A bright future is waiting for you ahead. Many wonderful events, fateful meetings and unforgettable moments will bring you a lot of happiness and pleasure. And what is the most important is that sweet memories from the school will be with you wherever you go.

Young people strive to

graduation card

Young people strive to be educated and learn a trade. Someone wants to become a good programmer, the other wants to be a famous musician. But I believe that the only truly significant purpose of our life is to become a great man. Remember it.

Graduation doesn’t mean

graduation card

Graduation doesn’t mean being a grown up and mature person. Although you have some experience already, you’ll find out that the world holds even more things to explore and learn within it. Be brave and curious – and you’ll conquer it all!

The life you had before

graduation messages

The life you had before was only a preparation for the greatest journey. And this wonderful journey starts today! Take the best people, the most pleasant memories and good mood and hit the road! Happy graduation! You did it!

Never forget where you

graduation ecard

Never forget where you come from. Never forget your friends, teachers and bright moments shared with them. Your future and your past are inextricably linked, that’s why you should appreciate your roots. Wish you good luck!

Life is not easy

graduation greeting for friend

Life is not easy, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it. It will bring you a lot more pleasure if you learn to love and enjoy it. And your youth is the best time to get a taste for life. Congratulations on your graduation, my friend! May you always fly high!

Today is your graduation

graduation image

Today is your graduation – the event that will change your life forever. There so many possibilities and chances, so many roads to choose. And I really wish you that among all these ways you would choose your own way. Congratulations!

Leaving the school/the University

graduation ecard

Leaving the school/the University behind doesn’t mean leaving the past behind. You spent the best years of your life there and many pleasant feelings are relevant to it. Remember your past, but continue to move on. Good luck!

You graduated! I’m so proud of you

graduation messages

You graduated! I’m so proud of you! Don’t forget to thank the Internet, Google, Wikipedia and every program that helped you, because without them you would be doomed! Good luck with your next step in life!

So, graduation day is finally here

graduation messages

So, graduation day is finally here! All of us are wishing you good luck in the future! We’re so proud of you, honey!

Nobody can predict the

Nobody can predict the future. People aren’t almighty but still we can try to make our own way through unfathomable life and find a place in the Sun. I wish from the bottom of my heart that your life bring you much joy, pleasure and happiness.

I wish you the best of luck

graduation greeting for friend

Happy graduation day! Wishing you lots of luck in your future life. I believe that you can do it, I believe that you will make it. We will forever support you and never leave you!

Now you’re at

Now you’re at a crossroad. So many ways are open, so many opportunities are given. Even if you can’t decide where to go yet, I want to give you a piece of advice on what you should take on the road: dreams and the sweetest memories. Good luck!

Graduation messages

graduation image

Graduation morning… you wake up, you feel fresh, new, energised. Then comes the day, you feel ready to do anything, you know you got this, finally you graduate… And in the evening comes the party… But then the next morning, you wake up lost, and don’t know what to do with your life.

What a happy but

What a happy but at the same time upsetting event! Graduation is something you’ll remember throughout your life, because it’s full of laugh and tears, happiness and sadness. But still, it’s more about happiness, because you have a great life ahead.

School is something

School is something we want to enter as soon as possible while we are small kids and something we want to leave as soon as possible when we get older. But in the long run school brings us an unforgettable experience, friends and sweet memories.

Graduation quotes

graduation image

Graduation is the day, when you think you’re all grown up, independent, and just think you can do anything! The day after graduation… well let’s just say you have no idea what you’re doing with your life…

Finishing school means

Finishing school means closing the door that hides many wonderful and unforgettable moments behind it. But also it means that another door is about to be opened – the door that will bring you even more pleasant minutes, hours and days!

You’ve already walked

You’ve already walked a long, very long way with many obstacles and falls en-route. But every time you managed to rise and continue your way, to fight for truth and knowledge. I want to wish you never stop being so brave and persistent.

Although you’re a grown-up

graduation card

Although you’re a grown-up already I want to wish you to take a little part of your childhood everywhere you go. Be a kid somewhere in your heart and never let the adult world to let you down.

The way of enlightenment

The way of enlightenment is the hardest way a man can choose. But walking this way makes this man strong and intelligent. It teaches us about life, love, science and spirituality – the things the world can’t exist without.

Graduation is not the

graduation image

Graduation is not the end – this is just the beginning. It’s a new start that will change your life completely and bring much experience. Live your life wisely and don’t waste it in vain. Good luck!

Today it the day when

graduation image

Today it the day when you get your professional degree. It may seem that your education is over, but that’s not exactly true. The truth is that your whole life is a continuous process of education and self-development. Good luck!

A very important

graduation image

A very important stage of your life came to an end. There were a lot of obstacles and failures that you overcame successfully. But they were only a repetition given you in order to get stronger and prepare for a new stage in life. Good luck!

I remember you as

I remember you as a small kid with a huge amount of never ending Why-s. But now I see a mature person who has already found answers to many questions. And I believe that you’ll make a lot more important discoveries in the future!

Leaving school means

graduation ecard

Leaving school means leaving childhood… It’s very, very sad, but on the other hand it’s a very bright and promising event, because it is a springboard into new life. Wish you good luck and resilience!

Today the future lies

Today the future lies before all of you just like a field of driven snow, be cautious about how you are going to tread it.

Make up your own

graduation image

Make up your own rules and be your own boss. All the old rules are falling to pieces and no one knows what new rules are.

Remember, dreams can

Remember, dreams can change at any point in your life. If we’d all be stuck with our first dream, the whole world would be invaded by cowboys. So, just remember whatever you dream, if you didn’t achieve it, you haven’t failed and are not a looser.

Now you’ll have to

graduation card

Now you’ll have to make some severe decisions that will influence your job, career, surroundings and even your future in general. You’ll receive a lot of pieces of advice from your family and friends, but the only person you have to listen to is you. Good luck!

You get to decide

You get to decide about things that have meaning and things that doesn’t. Only you have to decide what to worship.

Live your life with

graduation image

Live your life with integrity, honesty and never give up to peer pressure and try to be someone you’re not should be the most important thing in your life.

Even though

Even though many roads you travel, I hope and wish that you choose not to be a viscount. I wish you find ways to break the rules and make yourself successful.

Today is the day of

graduation image

Today is the day of your graduation, but first of all I want to congratulate you on your growing up. Maybe it sounds a little bit sad, but being a grown up isn’t that bad – actually it’s the best opportunity to know life and yourself. Good luck!

How one knows that

How one knows that he’s doing something right? It feels so. Feelings are your truest GPS system for life. When you are meant to do something or not, your emotional guidance system lets you know.

Don’t obtain society’s

Don’t obtain society’s definition and meaning of success. Because it’s not working for anyone. It’s only working for individuals who make pharmaceuticals for high blood pressure, stress and so on.

You’re young, intelligent

graduation card

You’re young, intelligent and ambitious person. What else do you need to succeed in life? I’ll tell you. You need love and friendship – without them wealth and professional success mean nothing. Good luck!

One must do almost

One must do almost everything in life including travel, lead, innovate, fall in love, get rich and famous. But, it must be done to an extent that you should be right in the direction of kindness.

So graduation is here

So graduation is here, school is over, let’s face it, you hated it when it started, but tomorrow, when you wake up, you will miss all of those faces you used to see every day, all the teachers and especially all the memories!

I always said to myself

graduation ecard

I always said to myself – never give up, because if your future self didn’t use a time machine to stop you from doing it, It isn’t that bad… But, I was so wrong, because time machines are not even invented yet…

I finally made it

I finally made it! Although I made very bad decisions through school, but look at me! I’m here, and I’m going to do great in life! Or that’s what I think at least… 😀

I can’t believe I graduated

I can’t believe I graduated, I’m so proud of myself! I wanted to thank my computer for always being there, for my printer that failed me several times, but still gave me hope, and most importantly my family, thank you all!

You finally finished high school

You finally finished high school! Congratulations! I wish you good luck in the future, good luck finding a job that truly fits you and your personality, and just play luck in your own life, because let’s face it, you are all grown up!