Birthday messages for mom

We all need to remember that mom’s birthday is a very meaningful day not only for our moms, but for us as well. Because there would be no us, if there was no mother’s birthday. It’s such a simple truth, that sometimes we forget about it and don’t make a big deal of it. However, we ought to. And on the day of mom’s birthday, we should take the chance and express gratitude to her. For the sleepless nights she spent near the baby’s crib, for the vast number of hours she spent taking care of us and raising us… And, of course, she would we happy to hear how much you love her. She deserves the best. The most important words and wishes for the most important person in the world you can find on this page. Here is a great collection of happy birthday messages for mom.

Dear mom, there’s

Dear mom, there’s only one thing I’m afraid of the most. It’s to see you cry. I wish that you would never shed a tear, but if you would, may it be only happy tears. Have an amazing birthday!

People come and leave

People come and leave, but mother is the only person, who follows you right from the very beginning and stays with you no matter what. You’re a very special person for me and I wish you the best. Happy birthday!

When I think about

When I think about my home, I always imagine you, dear mom. You’re my peace, my harmony, my happiness. And I wish that your life would be also full of positive emotions and happiness. Have an amazing birthday!

My dearest mom, today

My dearest mom, today it’s your birthday so I send you the biggest congratulations. Hope to see you soon. Birthday kisses!

On the day of your

On the day of your birthday, I wish that it would turn into an enduring and beautiful holiday that would last all year long. May you get great gifts not only today, but during the whole year! Happy birthday!

There are some secrets

There are some secrets I want to keep on my own and there are some words that I want to scream aloud. And what is the most interesting is that every time I have something to hide or something to show, you’re the person I go to. I trust you like no one else. Wish you a happy and amazing birthday, dear mom!

There are several

There are several vital factors that make life on Earth possible. They are light, water and warmth. But I would also say that my life is not possible without my beloved mom. You’re the most important person in my life and I want you to be truly happy. Have a wonderful birthday!

Mommy, you are

Mommy, you are the best person in my life. Hope that we always be as the best friends. Love you and wish you the greatest health and happiness.

Everything you touch

Everything you touch, turns into gold. It doesn’t matter how bad everything is, you always know how to fix it. I’m very proud that my dear mum is a real superwoman. And I wish that I would become just like you one day. Happy birthday!

Our big and friendly

Our big and friendly family is like a huge ship wandering through Oceans and Seas and having wonderful adventures. And you are our brave Captain, the heart of our family. I love you, mom, and wish that you would always stay just as brave and strong as now. Happy birthday!

Today we’re celebrating

Today we’re celebrating a double birthday, because your birthday is my birthday too. My birth and my life are possible thanks to you, dear mom. Everything I am now is possible due to you. Thank you very much and happy birthday!

Mom, how fantastic

Mom, how fantastic you are. Congratulate you with this beautiful birthday. Wish you amazing day!

Dear mother you’re

Dear mother you’re the root of our family tree and we all depend on you. If something bad happens to you, it means that something bad happens to all of us. And if you’re happy and healthy, we all are. Happy birthday!

My mom, I want

My mom, I want to thank you for all that you gave me, but today is your birthday so I wish you to have perfect day and wonderful time. Hug you!

I believe in true

I believe in true love. And it’s this special kind of love that is between mother and her child. Dear mother, I want you to know that I will never let you down and that you can always count on me. I love you. Happy birthday!

Hi, mom! I want

Hi, mom! I want to congratulate you with birthday and waiting for our meeting. Hope, that today you will be the happiest person in the world!

Birthday message for mom

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always be loving and beloved mother. It won’t ever change. Dear mom, I wish you to remain young-at-heart and don’t worry about a thing. I’ll take care of everything else! Happy birthday!

Time goes by, many

Time goes by, many things change, but there’s still one thing that stays the same. Or maybe even two things. The first one is my love for you, dear mother, and the second one is your love for me. Wish you a happy birthday!

Mom, today is your

Mom, today is your day! Wish you to have a wonderful birthday and don’t stop waiting for me! Love you and see you soon!

There are different

There are different kinds of love and the love for mother is the toughest and the most unconditional. I love you, mum, and wish you the best. I promise, I will make sure that all your dreams will come true. Happy birthday!

Mommy, I send you

Mommy, I send you this birthday message with the biggest love and happiness. I want that this day would be special for you because you are special. Congratulations!

Someone will bring

Someone will bring you flowers this day and you’ll get many gifts and wishes. This is the day, when you’ll get a lot of positive emotions and I wish that they would follow you everywhere you go during the whole year. Happy birthday, mum!

My dear mom

My dear mom, I congratulate you with your amazing jubilee. I wish you always be so young because age is only a figure for you. The biggest luck! Love you!

Sometimes I really

Sometimes I really admire your ability to be literally everything and everyone. You’re a great cook, because I have never tasted anything as delicious as your cooking. You’re a great teacher, because almost everything I know I’ve learned from you. And, of course, you’re a great mom, it’s a fact, that doesn’t need any proofs. I wish you much happiness! Happy birthday!

The best thing a kid

The best thing a kid can have is never ending love from the mother. And you are able to give me even more than just mother’s love, because you are my friend as well. I wish you to be happy and healthy, mom, because it will make me happy too. Happy birthday!

Mom, I send you

Mom, I send you this birthday message from all my heart and want to say that I love you and I’m very happy that you are my mom. Congratulations!

You always knew

You always knew how to cheer me up and inspired me in the darkest hours. You always knew how to comfort me and make me feel safe. This is what mothers do. And I wish I could give you all this love and care back, because this is what loving children do. You’re the best mother in the world. The best birthday for the best mother!

My lovely and beautiful

My lovely and beautiful mother, I want to congratulate you with your birthday and wish you always be so young and beautiful. Love you so much!

There are only a few

There are only a few things I can stare at forever: water, fire and my beloved mother. You’re truly beautiful from the outside and from the inside, you’re a role model for me, a superwoman I want to become one day. And I hope you know it. Happy birthday, mom!