Birthday wishes for daughter

It doesn’t matter whether your daughter is still a little princess, playing with her toys, a young and beautiful lady or a mature woman with her own kids, she will always stay a child for her parents. And just like in her childhood, she expects warm congratulations and attention on her birthday by her mum and dad. Let her know that you love her just the same and wish her the best by sending one of amazing birthday wishes for daughter from this section.

Dear daughter, everything

Dear daughter, everything we have in this Universe is for you. Our love, our care, our experience and knowledge. You have many wonderful opportunities to realize your potential and talents and we wish you to take them. Happy birthday!

You’re getting older every

You’re getting older every birthday, but it doesn’t mean you have to lose a piece of childhood in your heart. The ability to stay a child inside, always ready for excitement and knew knowledge, is the best thing a one might have. Keep being a child no matter what. Happy birthday!

Daughter, you are so crazy

Daughter, you are so crazy, unstoppable and brave. You are our pride. We wish you stay that way. Happy b-day!

There are good and bad

There are good and bad days in every person’s life. But your birthday is definitely one of those good days that make you and your nearest and dearest happy. May this happiness and nice mood last for many long years. Have a wonderful birthday, dear daughter! We love you.

It doesn’t matter where

It doesn’t matter where your life will lead you, there’s still one place you can always go to when you get lost – it’s your home. We love you and wish an amazing birthday!

May your life be as

May your life be as sweet as the birthday cake, may your memories be as bright and colorful as decorations today. And may your smile be always as honest and genuine as it is today. We wish you happy birthday from the bottom of our loving hearts.

Sweetie, you are a perfect

Sweetie, you are a perfect woman and daughter. We are proud of you more and more everyday. Have a wonderful b-day!

Dear daughter, you may

Dear daughter, you may ask any gift on the day of your birthday, because you are our best gift ever and we love you more than anything else on Earth. Be happy today and forever. Have a wonderful birthday!

This amazing day was

This amazing day was blessed by your birth. It’s the day when our life fulfilled with the meaning and when our hearts filled up with hope. And we wish you to carry this hope through your life and become a happy human being. Have a marvelous birthday, our dear daughter!

I love you so much that

I love you so much that I can’t live a minute without thinking of you. I would love to know your every single step, but I know that I have to embrace the reality: you are not a kid anymore. You are the most beautiful woman in the world who knows what she wants. I’m so proud of you, honey. Congratulations on your birthday!

As a typical woman, you

As a typical woman, you are already starting to worry about your age. I have to say that you have nothing to be afraid of, because people like you never grow old. Your soul is illuminating with youth, kindness and love, and that’s what will keep you forever young. We love you so very much, sweetheart. Happy birthday!

The best birthday wishes to

The best birthday wishes to our wonderful girl. We wish you to have the grandest birthday party. It’s your day, sweetie!

Our darling, never forget

Our darling, never forget that you are the best for your parents and will always be. We want that you feel our support and love. Happy birthday!

It’s hard to wish you something

It’s hard to wish you something because you are that type of person who always gets what she wants. There’s no difficulties for you, and your every wish will come true, whether anyone like it or not. You are the strongest woman I know, darling. Nevertheless, we will always be here for you. Happy birthday!

You are an adult woman

You are an adult woman – so beautiful, strong and sooo perfect. We send you million kisses and a lot of hugs. We congratulate you!

I cannot stop thinking about

I cannot stop thinking about your birthday. It’s so insane how time is running away from me, it seems like only yesterday you were a little girl wearing my giant heels and bright red lipstick. Now you have your own lipstick and shoes, but I still see that cute childish sparkle in you. That’s what make you so beautiful. Happy birthday!

Understanding yourself is

Understanding yourself is probably the hardest part of growing up. You have to look inside of your soul and mind to decide which way you want to go. Now it’s time for you to make that difficult choice, but we know that you are capable of it. Good luck, honeybee. Congratulations on your birthday!

Happy birthday, princess

Happy birthday, princess. You’ll always be our little girl with red cheeks. We love you so much! Congratulations!

I remember how you

I remember how you used to like laying on the green grass and counting stars. You grew up so fast, but your unique romantic personality hasn’t changed at all. You still dream a lot and see amazing things were everyone else cannot find them. Stay true to yourself no matter what. Congratulations!

Happy birthday, sweetheart

Happy birthday, sweetheart. We want you to know that our love for you will never end. You can trust us in 101%. Hope your day will be perfect!

Baby girl, you are our

Baby girl, you are our little miracle. I know that it’s time for us to let you go, but it is impossible to face the fact that you don’t need us anymore. We gave you everything we could, and now it’s time for you to try to understand this world without our help. We know you can do everything. Happy birthday!

Let’s celebrate your birthday

Let’s celebrate your birthday, sweet daughter. You are the most beautiful and the smartest girl. We are so lucky of having you. Happy birthday!

The most amazing thing

The most amazing thing about you is that you see in me not only a mom, but also your best friend. I have always felt so blessed with the fact that you can tell me everything, and I can share anything with you as well. You are my life, honeybee. Congratulations on your birthday!

Darling, you’ll always be

Darling, you’ll always be our little girl, so cute and beautiful.We want to hug and kiss you on this special day. Happy birthday, dear!

It seems to me that

It seems to me that only yesterday you were running around the house with no teeth, and now I see the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world in front of me. I cannot believe that someone as perfect as you are can be a part of me. You bring so much joy in my life, darling. Wishing you the best of all. Happy birthday!

Now you’re mature enough

Now you’re mature enough to know that life can be very cruel. But it is not the reason to fall into despair and loose hope. On the contrary, this is the reason to train your patience and optimism. And we wish you to learn how to do it and stay resilient no matter what. Happy birthday!

Youth is the best time

Youth is the best time for hopes and dreams. When you’re young you are fulfilled with plans and desires. We know that you have many of them and wish from the bottom of our hearths them to come true one day. Happy birthday!

Dear daughter, this year

Dear daughter, this year has passed so quickly but I’m very happy to see you so beautiful and grown up! You are a real woman now. Congratulations!

Having a daughter means

Having a daughter means being nervous all the time, because you have to think about your little girl’s safety. You are our most precious treasure, and keeping you safe is our biggest responsibility. I know that sometimes it makes you angry, but we will never stop taking care of you. We love you so very much, sweetheart. Happy birthday!