I am sorry messages for her (girlfriend or wife)

Sometimes we can’t find the right words to express our feelings, especially when these feelings are so complicated… Saying sorry is not easy – it takes guts and dignity. But the best way to save warm and trusting relations between you and your honey is to simply say you’re sorry. On this page we present you lots of I am sorry messages for her - girlfriend or wife.    

I’m very sorry, honey

I’m very sorry, honey. I miss you so much. Please, forgive me. I will wait for your call. I need to hear your voice.

I agree with you

I agree with you that I was wrong. Just please, be with me, my love. I’m really sorry.

I’m sorry, my

I’m sorry, my darling. These days without you are the worst in my life. I want to have you again. Love you!

I can’t imagine

I can’t imagine my life without you, my lovely girl. I need you and I love you. I will wait for your forgiveness.

Hi, my love

Hi, my love. I want to say sorry for my stupidity. Don’t be angry and please forgive me. I want to see you as soon as possible.

Dear, I want to

Dear, I want to apologize you for my stupid words. I didn’t want to hurt you because I love you so much. I really hope that you will understand me.

Please, give me

Please, give me one more chance, my dear. You are the best thing in my life. You are my sunshine. Forgive me!

Babe, I was wrong

Babe, I was wrong and was acting like an idiot but I know that you love me. I’m very sorry for that. I want to see you, my love.

I’m very unhappy

I’m very unhappy without you, my dear. I want to hug and kiss you. I hope that you will forgive me. Love you!

Do you know how

Do you know how strong my love for you is? I was a fool that I hurt you. Hope that you love me as always.

Sweetheart, let me

Sweetheart, let me show you how much I love you. All my actions yesterday were only a misunderstanding. I’m feeling guilty.

I love you so

I love you so much, my dear. I’m truly sorry for my mistakes. Hope to see you soon.

I want to apologize

I want to apologize you, my dear, for my foolish behaviour. It will not happen again. I promise!

My wonderful girl

My wonderful girl, I’m really sorry that I hurt you. I didn’t want it. Please, forgive me. Miss you!

You are the only

You are the only woman in my life. I don’t want that somebody would change it. Please, don’t be mad at me.

I’m sorry baby for all

I’m sorry baby for all the wrongs I did, I know you still love me and I still love you, we can work things out I know it, I will try harder, and I know if we both want it, we can get through this! We just need to stay strong…

When I look into your eyes

When I look into your eyes, I still see something, but it’s not happiness like when we were together, it is pain, I know you hide your pain in you smile, I know all you want to do is cry, but you still choose to smile… Forgive me for breaking your heart, I was stupid, but I know if I say something, I will hurt you even more…

Sorry I didn’t buy you flowers

Sorry I didn’t buy you flowers like you wanted, or didn’t give you enough attention I know you still feel something for me, I see it in your eyes, because they still sparkle, but I also see that I truly broke you… I’m sorry

Sorry, for everything

Sorry, for everything I said that made you cry, for all your nerves, for all your anger, for all the stress I gave you, you used to call me, I didn’t pick up, but one day, I felt something… I realised I lost you, no calls, no nerves, no stress or anger…

You were always with me

You were always with me, standing next to me, holding me up when I was down, you have been through my worst and my best, thank you, but I also wanted to say sorry, for never being there for you like you have been there for me…

I’m truly sorry for everything

I’m truly sorry for everything that I did wrong, for not giving you enough attention, for not texting back, for making you love me, when I didn’t even know if I loved you… I’m sorry for all of the pain I gave you… I’m sorry that I realised that I love you, when I lost you…

Forgive me, for never giving

Forgive me, for never giving you much attention, for leaving you when you were sad, if I only knew how you really felt, I would have been next to you, how could I have been so blind, I’m sorry for not seeing your pain, and for giving you pain…

I saw you today

I saw you today, you looked so beautiful, you were smiling and seemed very happy… then I saw him holding you… then I remembered that I never did really hold you like him, I was never honest, I thought I was just playing, but when I lost you, I realised I really do love you… forgive me…

I’m sorry for not being

I’m sorry for not being next to you when you needed me the most, I’m sorry for making you sad or even cry, I’m sorry that I was a disappointment to you, I’m sorry for not being near, I’m sorry for all the mistakes that I have made…

I’m sorry babe

I’m sorry babe, for everything I have ever done, for making you cry, for telling you lies and for making you not trust me… I’m sorry for disappointing you, for making you sad… I’m just, really sorry…

I understand that you are very angry at me

I understand that you are very angry at me,
Because I was acting like a fool,
Please, believe me, I am very sorry for what I‘ve done wrong,
Forgive me, if you can.

I am sorry quotes for her

I am sorry for my mistakes,
Let us leave them in the past,
Cause I truly believe
That my love for you will always last.

My heart is feeling so weak

My heart is feeling so weak,
When you are not with me.
Hot tears are going down my cheek,
I am sorry, please, forgive me.

I am sorry for hurting you

I am sorry for hurting you,
Please give me one more chance
To begin a new chapter of our relationships.
I love you, sweetheart.