What to write in a christening card - Christening messages

Christening is a crucial event in every religious person’s life. It’s a very important ritual that symbolizes purification and belonging to a certain faith. Wondering, what to write in a christening card? Whether it is an adult who is going to be christened or a small baby, your words of support and christening messages that you can find on this page, would really matter.

Your smile and

Your smile and happiness is everything that I want to see. You are the most beautiful little girl who is worth the best life. Happy Christening day!

On this Christening day

On this Christening day I want to wish you, my dear goddaughter, to have your life path and not to lose it. I love you as much as I can!

If this earth belongs

If this earth belongs to someone – it belongs only for children. God loves you all without exceptions. You are as equal as everyone.

Christening messages

christening messages

It’s a big day for our little angel. Wish you to sleep well and be ready for christening. Let candles burn for your welfare.

I still can’t believe

I still can’t believe that today is your christening day. You will see that I am the best godmother ever. I’m so excited!

Do not hurry to

Do not hurry to grow up. The whole life is still ahead of you. You are worth the best.

I’m very surprised

I’m very surprised that my little goddaughter has grown up. Waiting to become a true godmother. This day will be unique!

A drop of water

A drop of water on your forehead is a sign of Christianity. Now you will be honest as never before. Wish you to grow up a good person.

Christening quotes

christening quotes

You are so brave that you come to this world. You will see that everything not to be as good as you want but remember – you have godparents. We will stay together with you!

Your small hands

Your small hands and nose, deep blue eyes and big heart are our family components of blessing. Today is the beginning of your new life. Always smile!

You are so little

You are so little person but you are so big star in our lives. We are very happy and proud of you. Since today God will always accompany you.

Now you are

Now you are a Christian. You are still unable to laugh but you crying out of happiness and fun. Your godmother and godfather bless you.

With my greatest

With my greatest love and devotion I want to hug you and congratulate with this important turn. Now you are a real church-goer. Wish you the best luck!

Let me kiss and

Let me kiss and hug you, my sweet goddaughter. Do not fear the ceremony. This is God’s blessing day.

Today God touched

Today God touched you. It’s a great day. All family celebration!

Let me touch

Let me touch and kiss your cheeks. Now you are holy child. My most beloved!

Christening message

I want to enjoy this beautiful day and celebrate your Christianity! This morning was so special and quiet. Everything is for your well-being!

I want to give

I want to give you a big present – Christianity! Hope that you will follow the steps of the God.

Wish you to be

Wish you to be a person who feels and understands others. Only fullness of life can make you feel good. Bless you!

You are like an Angel

You are like an Angel – our little guardian. You make our lives complete. Wish you the best of all!

Your beloved godparents

Your beloved godparents will always be near you. You are not alone in this world. We love you so much!

Your small child’s

Your small child’s world is full of love and purity. Hope that nothing will change in the future. God bless you!

Now you became

Now you became a big girl. You have to be ready for various world surprises. If it will be hard for you – I will be together with you!

My dear, you can

My dear, you can always rely on church and God. They will always be pillar for you. Don’t forget it!

Fears, anxiety and

Fears, anxiety and all concerns disappear together with help of God. I know that you will be protected from everything. Be brave!

We are the happiest

We are the happiest parents in the world. We have you. Today is the first step into a real world!

You are so small

You are so small and powerless but you have a part of God. God will be close to you for entire your life. You are a kid of God.

Let christening candle

Let christening candle burn for you on this special day. It’s a day when you became a Christian. God will always be part of you.

Christening is a step

Christening is a step into Christianity. I hope that God will always save you. You are my dearest!

God gave me you

God gave me you and I’m very happy that today is your christening day. I hope what you will always be happy. Love you my dear!