Get well messages for friend

If one of your friends is not feeling well, let him know that you care by sending him wishes for quick recovery. On this page we present you lots of get well quotes for friend that will cheer him up. It is always good to feel that friends have missed having us around. Hope that you will find the right words that will help to show your attention and make him feel better.

This awful disease

This awful disease took you away from me. It seems that I haven’t seen you for ages. I can’t wait to see you and wish you to get well very soon!


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When I imagine you

When I imagine you all that sick, with runny nose and a terrible headache, I want to come and hug you very tight. I would like to take care of you, so if I can do something for you, just let me know.

What can be worth

What can be worth than being sick when the weather is so fine? This is really awful, but according to the forecast the weather is going to be warm and sunny for one more week, so you have a little time to get well and come for a walk with me. So hurry up!

Do you believe in

Do you believe in the healing power of friendship? I do believe! That is why, while you’re sick and weak, I will take care of you. Your health means a lot to me and I will do everything that is needed to make you healthy and joyful again!

When I was sick

When I was sick, you texted me every day to make sure that I was getting better. It was so nice, I really appreciated it. It seems to me that I got better only due to your support and care, because those bitter pills didn’t help anyway. And now you got ill and I want you to know that I’m here willing to help you to get better!

I’ve heard that many

I’ve heard that many diseases can be easily cured by proper food, sleep in warm bed and hugs. I’m going to be the one who will give you a healing hug, despite you could be infecting me. It’s because I’m your friend and you can ask me whatever you want, even the craziest things if it will help you to recover quickly. Get well!

Sometimes it’s so hard

Sometimes it’s so hard to fight the disease… Especially when there are so many series to watch and you constantly get distracted! Oh, I know that feeling. But you have to understand that being healthy will bring you much more happiness and joy. Get well!

Pills, mixtures, some bitter

Pills, mixtures, some bitter medicine… It’s awful but necessary for you now. At times like these I regret I can’t share your illness and make it easier for you to overcome it. But I’m waiting for your recovery more than anyone else! Don’t fail me!

The best thing about

The best thing about being sick is that it won’t last forever. And the other good piece of news about it is that you will always find yourself surrounded with love and care. You can count on me. Just let me know if you need something and get well!

Being sick gives

Being sick gives a good opportunity to see what kind of people surround you and if they care about you. I wish that you made sure that we really love you and willing to help you at a moment’s notice. Wish you to get well very soon!

I know it’s been

I know it’s been a long period of recovery, but now things got much better and I can’t wait to see you perfectly healthy and happy. This is the last battle and I’m pretty sure you are going to win it once and for all!

Slight cold is some

Slight cold is some kind of a relaxing vacation when you have a lot of time to watch series, read books and just relax. Anyway, I hope this vacation won’t last too long, because I already miss you. Get well!

It’s so awful to be

It’s so awful to be sick, but it has its advantages as well. You have a lot of time on your own and no one bothers you, except for me who wishes you to get well very soon!

There’s no better

There’s no better cure than love and care. That is why I send you plenty of hugs and hope to see you happy and healthy very soon. Get well!

Although you’re ill

Although you’re ill, I am not afraid to catch a cold hugging you, because I believe in the healing power of true friendship. Get well, my friend, and don’t worry about a thing!

The worst thing

The worst thing that can happen to a person is when his best friend gets sick. Luckily, it is a mild cold and you’ll feel better very soon. Especially if you get lots of attention and care from your best friend. Sending you the warmest hugs!

The weather is so

The weather is so nice and it means that you have to get well very quickly, otherwise you may miss all these sunny days! There are so many things to do outside and we all can’t wait to see you. Get well!

The only thing

The only thing that is worse than being sick is when no one thinks of you while you’re trying to fight the flu! Luckily, you have very caring friends and we are ready to come at a moment’s notice, just call us.

Sometimes it feels

Sometimes it feels so good to lie in bed all day long doing nothing while everybody around you is so caring… But not in case you’re ill! We all miss you so bad and hope to see you soon. Get well!

Stupid virus got ahead

Stupid virus got ahead of you…
No worries, we sent you some flowers,
and we hope you get well soon!

Here we sent you lots

Here we sent you lots of candy, chocolates and mainly food, because we know you like it, and we know that food makes you happy, more than anything else in the world, we hope you get well soon, and we’ll see you when you recover!

I sent you these treats

I sent you these treats, to make you feel better,
I know you love food so I sent you a lot
I hope you gain strength, and recover soon!

Take good care of yourself

Take good care of yourself,
You mean a lot to us and so does your happiness and health,
Hope you come back soon, dear friend, we miss you.

Close your eyes and feel

Close your eyes and feel the healing rays that come from God,
Have a feeling that you are become better with every single moment,
Get well soon, dear friend.

I wish I had a magic

I wish I had a magic wand to make your illness go away,
I‘d wave it again and again, until you feel ok.
Get well soon, buddy.

The best healing therapy

The best healing therapy is friendship, love, joy and good cheer.
Take good care of yourself and Get Well Soon!

I guess I know the reason

I guess I know the reason
Why it takes you so long to recover –
You are being really well-nursed there…
Joking, just wanted to wish you get well soon.

We miss you and think

We miss you and think of you every day,
Hoping that you are feeling better.
Get well soon, dear friend.

Hey you, lazy tramp

Hey you, lazy tramp,
We hope that you will feel yourself better in a short time,
Cause there is a lot of work to do..
Get well soon, friend, we miss you.

We miss you, buddy, so get well soon

We miss you, buddy, so get well soon
And come back so we all can rejoice!