Encouraging break up messages for friends

Breaking up is not easy for anyone. Sometimes the right encouraging words might help to go through this difficult period of life. On this page we present you a large collection of encouraging break up messages for friends. We hope that those words will help overcome loneliness, feel better and leave the past behind.

I miss those days

I miss those days when your face was always smiling and you laughed really a lot. I miss those days when you were happy. I know that many things have changed, but you should know that whatever happens in your life, the source of happiness is inside you. You just have to find it.

Oh, what a waterfall

Oh, what a waterfall of tears! You should have a good cry, my darling, because your pain will go away with your tears. And very soon you will feel happy and free, I’m pretty sure of it.

Breaking up doesn’t

Breaking up doesn’t mean losing your way. It just means that it’s time to take a different road. The road that will lead you to your true love. So you’re not lost – you’re re-found. Be optimistic and keep going!

When your heart

When your heart still can’t let it go, but your mind says that you should do it for the sake of yourself. The eternal struggle. And I believe that your mind will win this battle so that your heart could get free and have more space for new beautiful love.

Breakup is like

Breakup is like a little death. I know that feeling, I know that it’s so hard to get over it and look to the future with optimism. It seems that everything is falling apart and your life is over. But the key word here is “seems”. Time heals and you’ll be better very soon.

Some people spend

Some people spend years and even the whole lifetime together without loving each other and treating each other very poorly. And I’m happy that you have had the guts to break this painful relationship right now. The more you wait for something to change, the more it will never change. Now you need to move on without looking back.

People have a reason

People have a reason to meet and be together as well as they have a reason to break up. It happens every day to many people, though it still hurts to know that you’re one of these sad men. I’m really sorry that you broke up. If I can do something for you, just let me know.

When time has home

When time has home, it’s better to leave. Pack up and go. And never look back. Being single and being free is better than having relationship that brings you only pain. You should understand it, take a deep breath and make the right decision.

Every relationship is

Every relationship is a wise teacher. And it’s even a better teacher when it makes you go through breakup and tears. Don’t regret the wasted time – it was a good investment in your future relationships!

Sometimes we would like

encouraging break up messages for friends

Sometimes we would like to change our past,
But we need to realize, that the past has already changed us.

We all know that

We all know that pain is inevitable in life. But suffering is optional.

Moving on and rising

Moving on and rising over difficulties is the best revenge,
Never give somebody the pleasure to watch you suffering.

Encouraging break up message

encouraging break up texts for friends

Did you notice that what appears to be the end, in fact might be a new beginning?

It is hard to say „I am sorry“

It is hard to say „I am sorry“,
But it is even harder to forgive the person that hurt you.

There is no person in the

There is no person in the world who would have a crystal clear heart.
Because everybody has some scratches leaved by their dear ones.

It is amazing, how

It is amazing, how the same person can bring you so much pain and happiness at the same time.
Maybe it is a true love when someone can make you happy and you forget all the pains,
But when he breaks your heart, try not to forget those happy moments.

In some way tears are

In some way tears are more special than a smile,
Because the smile can be given to anyone,
But the tears are shred only for those who we truly love.

Letting go doesn’t mean

Letting go doesn’t mean to become indifferent towards somebody, it means that you start to realize that there is the only one person that you really have control over – it’s you.

It is hard, when somebody

It is hard, when somebody you love breaks up with you. Cry a river first, but then be strong, build a bridge and get over it.

Remember that when one

Remember that when one door closes for you, another one opens…
But if you will look regretfully at the first door for too long, you will not even notice the other door, which is open to you.

It is dangerous to bring

It is dangerous to bring people too close to your heart,
Because the close people know exactly where to hit…

Learn your lessons of

Learn your lessons of the Past,
And most importantly – apply those lessons in the Future.

It’s better to cry rather

It’s better to cry rather than to be angry,
Because anger hurts both you and other people,
While tears flow quietly, purifying your soul.

To be honest, living

To be honest, living alone is far much better then living with fake person.

When you consider how

When you consider how difficult it is to change yourself,
You start to realise what tiny change we have of changing other people.

I am sure that you are

I am sure that you are strong enough to get through this by yourself,
But I just want to let you know that I am here for you whenever you need me.

Relationship is like glass

Relationship is like glass. When it is broken, it’s better to leave it rather than hurt yourself while trying to put it back together.

It happens that some

It happens that some people step into our life as blessings,
But there are also people who step into our life as lessons we need to learn.

Never give up, even

Never give up, even though it seems impossible,
Life will always help you to pull through.
When you lose hope, the most difficult times become even worse,
So never give up, never lose your hope.

In fact it’s much better

In fact it’s much better to be alone,
Than be with the person who makes you feel lonely.