Happy retirement wishes for a friend

On this page we present you a collection of happy retirement wishes for a friend. Retirement is not something people should be afraid of – on the contrary, it is something to be proud of. And it’s something people should be congratulated on. Undoubtedly, those who retired would be really glad to get one of these happy retirement messages that would fill their hearts with joy and peace.

New time, new challenges

New time, new challenges, new you. Happy retirement. Wishing you strong health and lots of joyful moments every day!

I want to thank

I want to thank you for your passion and devotion during all these year. I wish to let you know that I appreciate your work very much. Wishing you good luck in this new life period!

Happy retirement message for friend

Do you know that retirement means? It’s more time for yourself. Happy retirement!

Happy retirement messages

happy retirement messages

The best wishes for the best person on this beautiful and important day. I hope you will appreciate this life span. Have a rest!

Are you ready for

Are you ready for new you? I hope you will discover something interesting at this stage. Let‘s have some fun!

Today is a great

Today is a great day for an amazing person. You were the best employee in our company. If you want to return we will wait for you.

Heartiest congratulations

Heartiest congratulations. Wish you to start new life without worries and full of happiness. Start everything from zero!

Happy retirement greeting for friend

Have you ever thought about day without stress? Today is that day! Happy retirement day!

Happy retirement wishes

happy retirement wishes

You are so energy man. I guess that retirement will not change anything in your life. Wishing you not to lose your charm!

Have you prepared

Have you prepared new list of works? You will have a lot of free time. Be ready for everything!

Retirement isn’t the

Retirement isn’t the end of life. It’s the new beginning. Wishing you to try something new and not to be sad!

You are real professional

You are real professional who deserved the best. On this retirement day I wish you to be always so positive and loving the life. You are worth it.

Now is your time

Now is your time to celebrate the end of hard work. It’s time when you will be able to relax and enjoy every moment. I hope that your retirement will be joyful!


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I’m too young

I’m too young to give you advices but on this day I want to give you one – chin up! Everything is just beginning!

This time in

This time in retirement will be new experience for you. I know that everything looks strange now, but …. Wish you to be brave!

I know that retirement

I know that retirement is hard time but for this day I want to wish you lift up your head and go straight ahead. You will see that this time will be good as never before.

Long sleep, walks

Long sleep, walks in the fresh air, work in the garden and many such things are waiting for you. I know that your retirement will be full of enthusiasm.

Happy retirement wish for friend

I can’t believe what you are retired. I hope this period will be great for you. Wish you energy as much as possible.

I want to congratulate

I want to congratulate you with this important day. Now you will have a lot of time to do everything what you really like. Be happy!

Happy retirement, my

Happy retirement, my dear. It’s a big day for you, because everything will change. Enjoy the life!

Today was your

Today was your final day at work, we know it’s sad and kind of stressful, but look on the bright side. Every Monday will be great, because now you don’t need to get up early in the morning!

Retirement is just

Retirement is just the end of your work, not life. You should face it with dignity. Finally, there are so many positive things about it! Now you will spend more time with you family and do what you really enjoy. Happy retirement!

You are retired and

You are retired and now you say you’re bored, but look around you – there are people who love you and there are people who respect you, even though you retired. We all want you to be happy!

You think you have

You think you have nothing to do since you’ve finished your job.
But remember, you still have a hobby,
You still have friends and you still have a life.
Make the best of it!

You are finally

You are finally retired, but everyone is so proud of you. You left your job with a lot of respect from other workers, you were really high up in your job, you used to go all out. Have a happy retirement!

You are retired

You are retired now. You did an amazing job, had a great career and now you really deserve to get some rest. Happy retirement!

You think you’re

You think you’re old, but we think you’re wise.
You think you’re useless, but we still need you all the time.
We love you with all our hearts and don’t want you to be sad.
You should always remember the words we’ve just said!

Retirement brings peace

Retirement brings peace and tranquillity. It fills us with the realization of how many beautiful and helpful things we have done in our life. This is a valid reason to appreciate retirement.

Today is the day when

Today is the day when your career has come to an end, but it doesn’t mean that all your success and bright achievements will simply vanish. You did a great job and we all believe that you’ll do even more amazing things!

Even though you

Even though you think you’re old, actually you’re not. In fact, you just ended something you did for a long time and it means that now you have much free time to do whatever makes you happy. Enjoy it!