Christmas wishes for family

Christmas is a special time of the year that brings all the family together. It is an opportunity to give something straight from your heart. Here is a large collection of heartfelt Christmas wishes for family. These greetings and messages will help you to show love and warm feelings to the special people that we care about the most. On this page you can also find lots of nice and unique Christmas cards for family and images with greeting words that will help to share joyful mood of this holiday period.

Lovely snowflakes, Christmas lights

christmas wishes for family

Lovely snowflakes, Christmas lights and smiley faces everywhere – it all creates a special atmosphere of forthcoming celebration, but there’s still something missing… I guess it’s my dear family. There’s no holiday without you. Merry Christmas!

Beautiful Christmas card for family

christmas card for family

Wondrous Christmas nights always remind me that I’ll never be alone, because my beautiful family will never let it happen. And I promise you just the same. Merry Christmas!

Don’t worry about the gift

christmas cards for family

Don’t worry about the gift for me on this Christmas. My dear sweet family in good health and great mood is everything I want to get. Because that’s what I need to be happy. Merry Christmas!

For me, Christmas and my family

christmas greetings for family

For me, Christmas and my family are inseparable. I can’t imagine this wonderful and magic holiday without love and care which we give to each other every Christmas night. It’s a real wonder. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is more than just

Christmas wishes for family

Christmas is more than just a holiday with gifts and parties. It is a time to cherish the kindness of heart and the joy of sharing.

Christmas images for family

christmas ecard for family

There are only two really sacred things in the world: Christmas and family. And I will honour and cherish them both till the end. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

Warm Christmas wishes for family

christmas greeting card for family

May any holiday rush fade away and be replaced with Christmas wonder and joy!

Sometimes I wander this

christmas ecards for family

Sometimes I wander this life despaired and confused and don’t know what to do. But spending Christmas night with my precious family always makes things right and shows me the way. Merry Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas within the

Christmas messages for family

Celebrating Christmas within the family is such a wonderful tradition! Getting together with you on this holy night makes me always think about elevated and eternal things like love, loyalty, kindness and faith. It’s a priceless feeling only my family is able to give me. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time when

christmas image for family

Christmas is the time when you can think about your past and plan your future. Things change every year, but there is one thing that always stays unaltered – family. I feel so blessed when I think about all the support and strength you give me every day, and on the Christmas night I want to wish you all the world’s happiness and love. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

Christmas messages for family

christmas messages for family

When I was a kid I wrote to Santa every Christmas, and he carried my every request. I thank my family for making me believe that miracles can happen, for making my life fulfilled with magic. Now, when I am a grown up, it’s my turn to make your wishes come true. I’ll do everything to make you happy. I love you, Merry Christmas.

The biggest Christmas present

christmas wishes for family

The biggest Christmas present for me is to have my family by my side, laughing and cheering together on the magical night. The pure magic lasts forever as long as you are with me, and I know you feel the same way. May the spirit of holy Christmas surround you tonight. Have a happy holidays.

Even if we are not together

christmas ecards for family

Even if we are not together on the Christmas night, every time I look up in the sky I know that we are looking at the same stars and that makes us so much closer. I’m sure that miracles can happen on Christmas and I hope that there are a few for you. Have a spectacular Christmas.

All of this Christmas songs

christmas messages for family

All of this Christmas songs keep reminding me about the importance of being with family during the holidays. Although I can’t be with you tonight, my heart and soul belong to you. May your greatest wishes come true on this magical night, take care of yourself. Merry Christmas!

No matter where I am

No matter where I am, no matter who surrounds me on the Christmas night, my heart always stays with my family. You are always in my thoughts, I pray for this night to be the most magical night of the year for you. I wish I could be with you now. Merry Christmas, I miss you a lot.

Every single minute of this

christmas card for family

Every single minute of this night I think about how lucky I am to have you by my side. There is no place in the world I’d rather be than here with you. I hope that the next year we will gather near the fire, exchange presents and wish each other the best of all, just like we always do on the Christmas day. I love you, have a holy Christmas.

My family taught me

My family taught me everything about Christmas. They taught me how to decorate a Christmas tree, how to make a Christmas dinner and how to organize a Christmas party. But the most important thing they taught me is to love and appreciate the ones who are beside you on this magical night. I wish you all the joy and peace for you deserve it. Merry Christmas!

There is no Christmas without

There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree and carols, but the most important Christmas element is always family. I thank you for being supportive and understanding, for being by my side no matter what. I wish you the best of luck and prosperity. Have an amazing Christmas!


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As The Star of Bethlehem

christmas images for family

As The Star of Bethlehem rises up in the sky, I thank God for the opportunity to spend my Christmas with my family. May this magical time of the year be fulfilled with joy and happiness. My biggest Christmas wish will be to have you by my side every minute of my life. Merry Christmas!

As you are celebrating the

As you are celebrating the miracle of this wonderful season, may your heart be filled with peace and happiness, may the blessings of the holiday stay with you every day of the year.

During this moment of family

During this moment of family and faith, may the true reason for Christmas fill you with every desired joy and happiness, wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Take time in the rush

Take time in the rush of the holidays to enjoy the things that really matters in life. Enjoy the serene moments spent with family, friends and loved ones, and may the sweetness of Christmas surround you throughout this season.

Family Christmas card for Facebook

family christmas card for facebook

May the sweet message of Christmas fill your life with peace and joy, May this incredible moment of giving, sharing and spending time with family brings you the happiness that last forever, best wishes to you and your family in this lovely holiday season.

Having you as part of my

Having you as part of my family makes every day feels like Christmas to me. The comfort and warmth that accompany this season reminds me of you. Merry Christmas to a special family!

Christmas cards for Whatsapp

family christmas ecard for whatsapp

In this wonderful season of giving, let us slow down and enjoy the simple things. May this amazing time of the year touch your heart in a very special way. Wishing you much joy today and every day of your existence!

May this wonderful holiday

May this wonderful holiday season shine and sparkle, may all of your dreams and wishes come true, and may you feel this joy and happiness all year round. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas!

Christmas is the perfect

Christmas is the perfect time for family and friends to come together; it helps us appreciate the love in our lives which we often take for granted. May the true reason for this wonderful season fill your home and heart with lots of blessings!

Christmas is the season

christmas images for family

Christmas is the season of being together. It’s a season of hope and the most magical moments. With this message, I’m wishing you love, peace and magic as you celebrate Christmas.

The beauty and glory

The beauty and glory of Christmas is something worth sharing together. Wishing you an amazing holiday season filled with surprising and amazing moments!

Here comes the time of

christmas ecard for family

Here comes the time of the year when loved ones all come together. It is a special time to be thankful for every wonderful blessing in our lives. Sending you this good wishes and the hope that you will enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

On this beautiful Christmas morning

On this beautiful Christmas morning I send you a message of hope and faith for an amazing holiday season, Merry Christmas to you!

May this Christmas bring

christmas wishes for family

May this Christmas bring more joy and happy memories to you and your family! I can’t wait to spend the sweet moments of the day with your family. I hope Santa brings you all the goodies and gifts you have always wished for!

This moments of the year

This moments of the year brings family and festivities fun. It is a time to reminiscence and look forward. A time to share love and being together, it is a time to wish you and your family the best of life. Wishing you wonderful memories of this joyous season!

Christmas is a season of

christmas cards for family

Christmas is a season of great joy: a time to remember the past and hope for the future. May the wonderful message of love and peace fill your heart with joy in this lovely season!

Hope your Christmas is as sweet

Hope your Christmas is as sweet and warm as a cup of hot coffee and filled with more granted success, may every blessings of this holiday be yours to keep. Here is my Christmas wish for you!

Christmas season has finally

merry christmas ecards

Christmas season has finally arrived. It’s time to forget about trips and falls of the past, and cherish the beautiful moments of the present. Merry Christmas!

May this Christmas bring you

May this Christmas bring you endless happiness and abundance of love. Enjoy this beautiful season!

May this Christmas season

christmas image for family

May this Christmas season bring us the peacefulness of mind and teach us to be more kind and giving.

May we all enjoy the pure beauty

May we all enjoy the pure beauty and true meaning of this special day. Merry Christmas!

May this Christmas time bring

christmas cards for family

May this Christmas time bring true miracles into your life. Wishing you a blessed holiday!

May the magical spirit of Christmas

May the magical spirit of Christmas time fill your heart all year long.
Merry Christmas!

Belief is making everything

Belief is making everything reachable,
Hope is making everything possible,
Love is making everything beautiful.
May you have all three of them
For this Christmas and all year long!

From place to place

From place to place,
From one home to another,
The peace and joy of Christmas time,
Brings us closer to each other.
Merry Christmas!

It is time when hearts

It is time when hearts are filled with warmth,
When small candles are burning at home,
The Christmas tree smells so gentle,
And people share their love and kindness.
Merry Christmas!

At Christmas time the whole

At Christmas time the whole big family gets together,
And it’s so warm and beautiful,
Despite of cold winter weather,
When the land is sleeping under snow and stars.
Merry Christmas.

Christmas is a time of miracles

Christmas is a time of miracles,
When stars fulfil desires,
When the weather is nice and joy is so big,
That overshadows all the troubles.
Merry Christmas!

Sadness of December is not eternal

Sadness of December is not eternal,
Christmas joy and new hope comes into our homes.
And we believe that the dawn will shine soon.
Merry Christmas!

Let the bells ring quietly

Let the bells ring quietly,
Let the small candles gently burn,
And the white frost bloom.
I’m looking forward for this magical time!
Merry Christmas!

Every year during Christmas time

Every year during Christmas time
Greetings fly like white butterflies
And land in the hearts of people that we love.
It is a time of warm feelings, pleasant surprises and true wonders.
Merry Christmas.