Quotes about people

Every day we meet different kind of people and it is always good to learn how to interpret their feelings, words and behaviour. On this page you will find a wide collection of wise quotes about people that might help you to get a deeper understanding of trust, relationship as well as thoughts about various aspects of life.

Strength is a thing

Strength is a thing we all gain in our lives by making mistakes and gaining experience. I hope that every one of us will find our inner strength.


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Women are really

Women are really strong. They are the ones who carry their babies for 9 months and then bear them suffering from pain. They are the ones who care about men, cook for them and give love.

All people deserve

All people deserve to grow. They made mistakes, fell on their knees and suffered. They waited for happiness, and that is the reason they grew.

We make mistakes

We make mistakes, we get experience and with every gain of it we get stronger inside and out. We have to fight to be strong, and we can’t give everything up.

Strength is something

Strength is something that every woman must have, yet as I think we really do have it. I mean look at us, you can hurt us emotionally, break us inside, but you would not even know, because on the outside we are smiling. This is our strength.

Quote about people

It doesn’t matter whether it’s self-development or career development – it all still contributes to your growth. It helps you know yourself and your genuine desires.

Strength is such an

Strength is such an amazing thing. Some discover it sooner, some later, but all of us do, we all have to be strong because life isn’t all about butterflies and sunshine. We should accept it.

If women seem

If women seem weak – don’t believe it, we are just pretending to give men opportunity be strong.

Wise thoughts about people

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but actually we grow every time we fall, suffer or feel miserable. Growth is impossible without fall, and people should accept this statement wisely.

Being strong is not

Being strong is not what everyone can be, but what everyone need to be. We all fight battles, some are big, some are small, but we all have to stay strong no matter what. It what makes us men.

Strength takes time, but

Strength takes time, but once you build it up, you will stay strong forever. Every mistake you make, makes you stronger, every relationship you have, makes you stronger, every little thing in life makes you stronger, just keep fighting.

Those who seek to

Those who seek to grow, to learn and develop really deserve respect. Because there is no more difficult way than the way that leads to self-knowledge.

True strength is when

True strength is when you fall so bad that you never want to get up again, but you do, and you come back like a new person. You rise from the ashes again and again.

Emotions are the greatest

Emotions are the greatest strength, but also the greatest weakness of a woman. We can either hide the pain we feel, or we can give you love and affection, you just have to wait and see.

Every time you think

Every time you think you failed, you actually gain experience and learn from your mistakes. And with every lesson you grow and learn to be a better person.

Sayings about people

sayings about people

The strongest people don’t show us how strong they are. They show it to themselves winning battle after battle that we know nothing about.

Women’s strength doesn’t

Women’s strength doesn’t have to come from lifting weights or doing exercises. Women become strong lifting their selves up, when they are knocked down by many of lives lessons.

When a man grows

When a man grows physically, he becomes taller. When a man is tall, he sees a lot. But when a man grows in spiritual sense, he also sees a lot of things that are unavailable for those who prefer to stay where they are.

Every day you wake

Every day you wake up and continue the same old battle. And yet you still choose to show everyone that you are stronger than you were yesterday.

Women are strong, they

Women are strong, they are way stronger than people think. Just because they don’t show it all the time, doesn’t mean they are weak. Never treat a woman bad, because she will always show you what she can do!

Every day, when you

Every day, when you do something good and special for other people – no matter whether they are your family or unknown people in the street – you grow, even if you don’t feel it.

Life makes us fall

Life makes us fall, it makes us fall to the ground on our knees, it shows us things we don’t want to see, but the one thing that shows strength is that we always get back up.

Women are often

Women are often regarded as weak and helpless creatures. But in fact, we make every little thing better: you give us a house – we make it a home, you give us groceries – we make you a meal. And this all is the tiniest part of what we are capable of.

Self-development is

Self-development is necessary if you want to know the complexity and versatility of your identity and the world you live in. Cognition and development will show you how beautiful you are. Keep going!

When you can accept

When you can accept things, that you can’t change, that is strength. When you have no control over anything, but you have control over yourself, that is strength.

Every woman is strong

Every woman is strong in her own individual way. Some show it more, some don’t show it at all, but every single woman on earth is stronger than you think.

When a child grows

When a child grows, his body aches and he’s ill a lot. And it’s a normal process of forming a healthy and beautiful man. So don’t be afraid of pain – it’s an inseparable part of growth.

Strength does not come

Strength does not come from winning – it comes from losing. When you go through hard times and still choose not to give up, that is what strength truly is.

Some say women are

Some say women are the ones who are weak, the ones who can’t do anything, but the truth is that we are far more capable than people think. We all know that women can do absolutely anything if we truly believe!

Quotes about people

quotes about people

When you make a mistake – you learn,
When you learn – you grow,
And when you grow – you are unbeatable.

You can tell your problems

You can tell your problems only to 1 percent people – to those who truly love you. Cause 20 percent people just don‘t care and 79 percent people are even glad that you have troubles.

Why is it so hard to open

Why is it so hard to open up to somebody? It is not because you can‘t trust them. It is because when you tell some person how you feel inside, at the same time you are giving him permission to hurt you.

Love yourself, cause other

Love yourself, cause other people don‘t love you, they only love the qualities in you.
If you put these qualities aside for some time, you will see how their attitude towards you would change.

Quotes about people

Don‘t take advice of the person who didn‘t have your kind of problem.

There are 2 kinds of

There are 2 kinds of fools – those who give advices and those who do not take them.

If some person shares

If some person shares his problems with you or asks for your help,
It doesn‘t mean that they are too weak,
It just means that they trust you.

Trusting your friends

Trusting your friends sometimes can be the hardest thing to do,
Cause your closest friend can become your worst enemy.

If some people are jealous

If some people are jealous for you, do not hate them,
Rather respect them, cause they are the ones,
Who are thinking that you are in some way better than them.

Every person is like

Every person is like a book.
And every book has a cover,
But behind each cover you will find a different story.
So do not judge people by the cover of the book.

Thought about people

Did you notice that those people who laugh too hard are usually those who experience too much pain in their lives.

Why do people feel

Why do people feel ashamed? The basis of this feeling is not some mistake, but the fact that this humiliation was seen by other people.

There are two secrets

There are two secrets for keeping your relationship strong and healthy:
Every time when you are wrong – admit it,
And every time when you are right – keep quiet.

Did you notice, the more

Did you notice, the more you show your true feelings, the more people try to hurt you?

Wishing to know the truth

Wishing to know the truth about yourself? There are two people who can help you – friend, who lost his temper, and enemy, who just started loving you.

Trust is the easiest

Trust is the easiest thing to lose and the hardest thing to get back.

When you give a lot

When you give a lot of importance to somebody in your life,
At the same time, you start losing your importance in their life.

Compromise doesn‘t mean

Compromise doesn‘t mean that somebody is right, while someone is wrong.
It means your relationship means to you much more than your ego.

Strong relationships are just

Strong relationships are just like the trees,
They demand your attention and care in the beginning,
But when the tree grows up, it provides you shade in all situations in life.

Sorry can work when some

Sorry can work when some mistake is done.
However, when the trust is broken, sorry will not help.
In life you cannot avoid mistakes,
But never break the trust, cause it is very hard to get it back.

Mistake is a single

Mistake is a single page, while relationship is a book,
So don‘t lose a full book only for a single page!

Silence creates a relation

Silence creates a relation between two unknown people.
However, when people know each other, silence can break the relation.
So, keep connected!

Time decides what kind

Time decides what kind of people you will meet in life,
Your heart decides, which one of them you want in your life,
But it depens only on your behaviour, who will stay beside you.