Motivational quotes for working out and losing weight

Want to encourage yourself or your friend who has just started working out, but don’t feel like having any supportive wordsIt’s okay, because motivational quotes for working out and losing weight on this page will inspire you and help to achieve the desired result.

I am very happy

I am very happy for you. Hope that this diet and sport will become your lifestyle. You can always turn to me!

Every step forward

Every step forward is a winning. You have won and look amazing! Good girl!

Can you reveal

Can you reveal the secrets of your slimming? You look wonderful! Don’t stop!

Has anyone told

Has anyone told you that you look like another person? I am really happy for you! You are a perfect example of persistence!

Wow! You look

Wow! You look perfect! Don‘t stop exercising.

Motivational quotes for working out

motivational quotes for working out

These days have been tough for you. Don’t stop doing it. You are worth the best!

You look as good

You look as good as never. This diet is perfect for you. Don’t give up!

Weight is only

Weight is only a number. You have to love yourself. I always support you and your decisions!

You are so strong

You are so strong and brave. I know that you will fulfil your desires. Continue your efforts to exercise!

I really believe

I really believe in you. You are full of energy and optimism. Never stop achieving your goals!

Don’t say “I’ll start tomorrow”

Don’t say “I’ll start tomorrow”, don’t postpone your beauty and health until the next day, next week or month. You know perfectly that you can start it right now. You really can do it, just believe in yourself!

No one ever said

No one ever said, “Oh wow, I really regret that workout…”. So just start and trust me you will reach your goal!

Just stop wishing for

Just stop wishing for a nice body if you’re not going to do anything for it. If you really want a perfect body, then start doing everything you can to achieve it!

Remember that every

Remember that every day you use to work out, you are getting closer to your goal. That is an achievement already!

Physical exercises will

Physical exercises will make you strong both: physically and mentally. It will help you to achieve the desired body and also teach you self-discipline and endurance. Don’t give up!

Motivational quotes for losing weight

motivational quotes for losing weight

You shouldn’t want to be slim, you should want to be fit and healthy and that is not the same thing, but you still have to work the same, so stop sitting and get up!

Every fit person you

Every fit person you see has started with the same excuses as you, but they took a grip and now they look amazing. Do the same thing and conquer a perfect body, health and even the whole world!

When you think you

When you think you can’t any more… Well, this is kind of true, because you really can’t give up. Every day you are getting better then you were yesterday. Every day you’re becoming more and more confident. Carry on!

Losing weight may not

Losing weight may not be easy, but as soon as you start you just can’t stop. Even if you think that it’s over and you say “I can’t do this any more”, you still can. Just believe in it and then do 10 more squats!

Don’t look at fit

Don’t look at fit bodies of other man and think, “Oh wow, I’ll never become so fit”. It’s true, because you’ll be even better. Stand in front of the mirror and say, “My body is going to be more wow than that!”


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Every pound you

Every pound you lose is a gain for your self-esteem. Remember it every time when you’re about to give up.

Working out may

Working out may be hard at first, but when you get addicted you will work harder and harder every day!

If you really dream

If you really dream about a perfect body, then you have to pick yourself up and prepare for a long and exhausting process of becoming healthier and fitter!

First of all, you have

First of all, you have to believe that you can do it! Don’t exercise to be skinny, exercise to be fit and healthy, and know that it doesn’t happen overnight.

You shouldn’t want

You shouldn’t want another girl’s/man’s body, you should want your own, but healthier, stronger and better than before!

Stop. Look at yourself

Stop. Look at yourself in the mirror. That is your competition, not anyone else, and remember once you start you will succeed.

It takes a few weeks

It takes a few weeks to see the results on yourself, maybe a few months for your friends and family. And after a year or so the world will see how beautiful you’ll become. Keep going!

When you start working

When you start working out, even the littlest progress is better than no progress! Start slow, and you will end up reaching your goal!

Making exercise and

Making exercise and proper nutrition will help you not only to improve your body, but also health. It’s really worth every single sweat drop you’ll have, so be strong and don’t give up until you get the result!

You have to think that

You have to think that when you start working out, you will be closer every day to your goal. Remember that every sweat drop is a tear of your crying fat!