Engagement messages for friend

Engagement is the first step towards starting a family. This step is very meaningful and exciting for many people and, of course, everyone wants to get support and approval from their friends at such a crucial time. Nobody should stay away from this joyful event, that is why this section offers you a wide range of engagement messages for friend that will add more colours to any Engagement.

Getting engaged is like

Getting engaged is like buying a ticket for a long and breathtaking journey. It will be full of adventures and unforgettable moments. May love follow you everywhere and be a wise guide for you two! Congratulations on your Engagement!


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Wow! OMG! Perfect

Wow! OMG! Perfect news! I’m very happy for you. I can’t wait to see you in bride dress!

You’ve been together

You’ve been together for a long time and now you got engaged. May endless love unite your hearts for many long years and may you enjoy every minute of being together. Congratulation on your engagement!

I’ve just heard

I’ve just heard about your engagement, friend. Wow! Great news! Congratulations, pal!

Such a fantastic

Such a fantastic news! I’m very glad for you two. I’m already waiting for your big day!

You are my best

You are my best friend and there’s nothing more important on Earth for me than your happy smiling face. If she makes you feel good, then thank God for bringing you together. And very soon we all will be brought together on your wedding! Can’t wait for it.

My dear friend, the

My dear friend, the most sincere congratulations with this amazing event – your engagement. Wish you to have a wonderful preparation time!

The first date, the

The first date, the first touch, the first kiss… You have already had it. And now you’re going to have your first engagement. I wish that it would be your first and last experience in this sort of things. A very successful experience! I’m waiting for you wedding, friend!

Hey girl, I feel

Hey girl, I feel so excited for your happiness. You are worth the best man! Congratulations with engagement!

You and your beloved

You and your beloved are like two wings of a beautiful bird called love. And now these wings have become stronger, because you got engaged and that bond between you have become stronger. I wish your wonderful couple to fly very high and feel free and happy. Congratulations on your engagement!

It’s so romantic

It’s so romantic and wonderful to hear that you got engaged! You will have to tell me everything in details. Congratulations, my friend!

Making decision means

Making decision means choosing a way. Now, when you got engaged, you chose your way. Nobody knows where this path will lead you to, but I wish that it will be a really exciting and breathtaking adventure with love and happiness following you everywhere. Congratulations on your engagement!

Engagement day message

I can’t believe that you got engaged. It’s such a beautiful step in your life. The greatest congratulations!

Getting engaged means

Getting engaged means planting a seed of a future family. And you have already planted that seed. Now you have to be patient and very caring – and you’ll see how it is coming up and turning into a strong tree – your family tree, that will grow and expand further. Congratulations on your engagement!

Congratulations, bestie, I’m

Congratulations, bestie, I’m already waiting for your wedding. You will be an amazing wife. Your husband-to-be is such a lucky man.

Love is a powerful

Love is a powerful force. And it can make you do whatever it wants, even the craziest things like getting engaged. I’m just joking, buddy! Actually, it’s not crazy – it’s beautiful and exciting! May your relationships be just like that with a pinch of romantic madness. Congratulations on the engagement!

I’m still very

I’m still very excited for your engagement. The biggest congratulations, dear. Wish you the best luck during this stressful preparation time. I’ll be with you!

Now, when you

Now, when you engaged, you look much happier. Your eyes light up with joy and your face is always smiling and a little bit dreamy. I wish you will be always that happy and hope that your wedding and marriage will meet all your expectations. Congratulations on your engagement, dear friend!

You got engaged

You got engaged! I hope that you didn’t forget what you promised to me in our childhood. Waiting for invitation to be your first bridesmaid.

Do you hear that

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of the upcoming Wedding! Some sweet notes of awaiting, some notes of excitement and thrilling of love – what a wonderful melody! May it be your Wedding March and soundtrack to your future family life! Congratulations on your Engagement!

The warmest greetings

The warmest greetings with your engagement, my lovely friend. Hope to see you soon to celebrate this. Hug you now and the best wishes!

Have you ever thought

Have you ever thought that round is a perfect shape for many good things? The Sun is round and it gives warmth. Life jackets are round and they save lives. An engagement ring is also round and it unites people’s hearts with love. I congratulate you on your Engagement and wish that your family life is warm, life-saving and full of love!

It’s so nice to

It’s so nice to hear such good news from you. You got engaged! Congratulations, my dear!

Everything in life

Everything in life is about growing and evolving. Now your couple is like a child: it’s still small but eager to explore its capabilities and see what it’s worth. I wish that your Engagement would evolve into a gorgeous Wedding and then into a family. Into a beautiful loving and caring family!

I want to raise

I want to raise up a glass of champagne for your engagement and happiness. I’m sincerely happy for you. Waiting for your biggest day!

Actions speak louder

Actions speak louder than words. Saying “I love you” is not the same as getting engaged. It is a big and bold step towards creating a family. I am proud of you, buddy, because you have found a way to become truly happy. Wish you the most beautiful Wedding ever seen!

From all my heart

From all my heart I wish you lots of patience, endurance and true feelings since you had made this big decision! Love you!

Two rings symbolize

Two rings symbolize unity of two loving hearts. And when you give somebody the ring, it means that you bond yourselves together with very strong and tough threads of trust and love. On your Engagement day, I wish you both that you never tear this special connection between you!

Love is what paints

Love is what paints your life in different colours… Now it has sparkled even more!

Love is like a tattoo

Love is like a tattoo on your heart – once you got it, it’s very hard to get rid of it. And when people realize they have fallen in love they do everything that is possible to be together: they date, get engaged, get married, start a family, have children and grow old together. Well, I wish you to go through all these stages happily. May this love tattoo never fade! Congratulations on your Engagement, my dear friend!

May this decision

May this decision bring you a life that you always dreamed of! Be happy now and always!

There are some rare

There are some rare things that mean the world to us and love is one of them. Now you got Engaged and your happiness has doubled. But this is just the beginning of a beautiful love story. And I wish that no sorrow takes place there! Congratulations on your Engagement!

Can I already start

Can I already start preparing for your wedding? I’m very happy for you and your husband-to-be! You both are perfect couple. Best wishes!

Engagement is the

Engagement is the first step on the way to family happiness. And you have already taken that step. I know that just thinking of wedding makes you happy, that’s why I wish you that this exciting moment comes very soon!

Looking forward to see

Looking forward to see you two getting married soon! Congratulations, friend!

I always knew

I always knew that this day would come! Congratulations on your engagement!

You got engaged

You got engaged – you bought a ring, reserved a table at a nice restaurant, paid for dinner and in the future you will spend a lot of money on the Wedding ceremony also. It seems that everything nowadays is about money. But we both know that there’s something more than money – it’s your love. Wish that love will be the most precious treasure in your life!

We’ve been friends

We’ve been friends since childhood and now you’re getting engaged. It’s such a special moment for me to know that you have found someone to love and get this love in return. Congratulations on your Engagement!

There are good and

There are good and bad habits. We know that smoking is bad and sport is good. But what about love addiction? It can be both. It can be inspiring and destructive as well. And I wish you from the bottom of my heart that your love will have only a positive impact on you and make you happy! Congratulations on your Engagement, buddy!

Perfect news, my dear

Perfect news, my dear! You have been waiting for that so long. I hope to see you in the nearest future and to hug you. Congratulations!