Engagement messages for sister

Every single woman wants to get engaged with the one she truly loves, and when it finally happens, she waits for her nearest and dearest to congratulate her with this amazing piece of news! She really needs to know that her dear sister/brother is happy for her and sends all the best wishes to her and her lover. So hurry up and meet the expectations of your sister! In this section, you’ll find a plenty of heartfelt wishes and congratulations, that will express your joy and support at this crucial moment in her life. Welcome to Engagement wishes for sister page.

Life is a route

Life is a route without any given direction, instructions or maps. It’s so easy to get lost. But this route gets much more interesting, exiting and joyful when you have someone by your side. Dear sister, I’m really happy that you have found your life partner and got Engaged!

Dear sister, on this

Dear sister, on this special day, I’d like to wish you a couple of things. I wish that your future marriage will be as light and easy as the feather in the wind. And may your loving hearts be filled with joy!

Are you ready for

Are you ready for your hen party? It’s time to start thinking about it. Congratulations with engagement, sis!

I’m so excited

I’m so excited that you will get married. I have been waiting for it so long! Congratulations from all my heart!

My dear sister, you

My dear sister, you are not a little child any more, you are a grown-up woman. Engagement is a big step into your future life, so I wish you the most happy one!

Sometimes a hug

Sometimes a hug or a kiss is enough to make sure that you still love each other. Even though it seems insignificant. Love relationship is about many invisible things that still make sense. Don’t neglect it and you’ll see that your love will become stronger over years. Congratulations on your special day, sister!

Your engagement is

Your engagement is a perfect occasion to raise a glass of wine and to talk about girls things. Greetings from all my soul!

I’ve received a good

I’ve received a good piece of news today! And it’s much better than all this annoying news on TV. You got engaged, dear sister! And this news will be the top one for a long time till the day of your wedding. Because your wedding will be another good piece of news for me!

My beautiful sister

My beautiful sister, I want to tell you that you will be the most beautiful bride and wife. I’ll be your helper in any kind of situations. Congratulations!

Love comes suddenly

Love comes suddenly. The moment you don’t expect it to come. The moment when you’re not ready for it at all. This is definitely your case. And now you got engaged. It’s the best proof that the best things come when you don’t expect them to come. All you need is just a little patience and I wish you and your groom to be really patient. Congratulations on your engagement!

Engagement is a victory

Engagement is a victory. The victory of love. And on your engagement day, I wish that victory becomes a companion of your amazing couple for many long years!

If he calls you

If he calls you honey, then I wish your relationships will be just as sweet as honey. If he calls you darling, then I wish you were the only darling for him. If he calls you my love, then may your future life be full of love! Congratulations on the engagement!

Congratulations, my dear

Congratulations, my dear sister. I know that you will be a stunning bride. Hoping that you will invite me to be your first bridesmaid. I’m waiting!

Love is a product

Love is a product that no one can purchase. It takes many materials to manufacture it: a pure and genuine feeling, a lot of time and efforts. And what is the most special about it – there is no price for it. It’s priceless. Cherish and appreciate it! Congratulations on your engagement!

Dear sis, my heart

Dear sis, my heart filled with endless joy the minute I heard the great news about your engagement. Wishing endless happiness to you and your beloved one!

Do you remember

Do you remember that feeling of butterflies in stomach? Oh, it’s an amazing feeling! Now you are engaged and very soon you’ll get married but I wish these butterflies will never leave you and your honey!

My sweet sister, engagement

My sweet sister, engagement is a wonderful event in your life. I know that you will be nervous and stressful, but you always can call me to talk. Best of luck!

My sweet sister

My sweet sister, I’m very glad for the new stage in your life, now you are a fiancée! You’ll be a wonderful bride!


Knock-knock-knock. Do you hear it? It’s happiness knocking on your door. And everything you should do is open it and your heart for changes. These are amazing changes, I’m pretty sure about it. Congratulations on your engagement, sister!

Sister, it seems to

Sister, it seems to me that your beloved groom is a thief. He has stolen your heart and I’m not sure that he’s going to give it back! I still can’t believe that you got engaged. Keep going, because I can’t wait to dance at your wedding! Congratulations!

My perfect sister

My perfect sister, I’m really impressed that you got engaged. Wonderful news! Congratulation to the most beautiful and the happiest couple!

There are many

There are many family holidays and your engagement anniversary will be the first to celebrate together. I wish you two that many other outstanding family holidays will warm your hearts over years – wedding anniversary, your children’s birthdays… Congratulations on your engagement, sister!

This day is very

This day is very special. I raise up a glass of champagne and wish you the best of luck, dear sister. It’s so amazing!

Any love relationship

Any love relationship is like a door to some wonderland. Every person’s heart is a magical world full of mysteries and secrets that need to be discovered. Hope that you will stay in this “wonderland” for many long and happy years, sister! Congratulations on your engagement!

The warmest greetings

The warmest greetings from me to you and your future husband, dear sis! I’m so happy that you engaged!

Our life is not

Our life is not a Microsoft Word doc – you can’t delete mistakes or add whatever you wish. But love makes many things possible, because it gives a new vision of the world. Well, our life is not a Microsoft Word doc, but you still can start on a fresh page…

Your boyfriend should

Your boyfriend should be proud of you. You’ll be a perfect wife. Congratulations with engagement!

Dear sister, you

Dear sister, you and your groom are shining diamonds that found each other among numerous fakes and cheap knockoffs. You had spent much time before you found each other. But it was worth it. Congratulations!

I’m so happy for

I’m so happy for you that your dream came true! Love you to the moon and back!

Do you start

Do you start to think about your big day? It’s not the right time to do that! It’s time to celebrate your engagement! Be ready for crazy night!

Past has already

Past has already passed. Future is unpredictable. All we have is the current moment and it’s able to make us truly happy. Forget about the wounds of your past, because this love that you have right now will wash all your pain away. Be happy, dear sister!

The best wishes on

The best wishes on this special occasion, sister! May the great feeling of love never leave your heart!

The previous chapter

The previous chapter is already written. Now it’s time for a completely new chapter of your life. Everything is changing now and I wish that these changes bring you much happiness, love and peace! Congratulations on your engagement!

Feel by heart, touch

Feel by heart, touch by heart and hear by heart! Happy engagement day, sis!

You both didn’t even

You both didn’t even notice how much time has passed since you met, since you kissed for the first time… And now you’re Engaged. And very soon you’ll become husband and wife for each other and spend many breathtaking hours together. I wish you both to appreciate this precious time spent together. Congratulations on your engagement, sister!

I wish that love

I wish that love will never leave you since this big decision was made! Congratulations on your engagement, sister!

You got engaged

You got engaged, sister, and it’s a big step forward. But I want you to remember that love is not only about big and obvious things – sometimes it’s in the details. To wash the dishes, to cover with blanket right in the middle of the night – all these little cute things mean more than declarations of love. Congratulations on your Engagement!

Now you’re more

Now you’re more than two lovers. Now you’re engaged and very soon you’ll become a wife and a husband for each other. It means really a lot. May your future life be filled with love and care!

Let me congratulate you with

Let me congratulate you with your dream engagement! It’s a perfect occasion to celebrate. Waiting for you on Friday! Be ready for crazy time!