Valentine's day messages for friends

On this page you can find a wide collection of nice Valentine's Day wishes and Valentine's Day messages for friends with images that you  can post on Facebook or Whatsapp. Although this day is primarily for lovers, but you can also celebrate Valentine's Day will your friends. It is a great time for letting them know how much they mean to you.  

Valentine’s Day text messages for friend

valentine's day wishes for friends

What a beautiful day to be alive! Don’t be sad, just because we’re single doesn’t we are not allowed to have fun on Valentine’s Day. Let’s get the party started! 


Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re my best friend and I’m crazy about you! I’m not a poet but I just wanted to say that I’m beyond happy to spend this Valentine’s Day with you, mate! Xoxo!


Today I want to celebrate my best friend! I don’t care that it’s February 14th and this day has nothing to do with friendship, I still want to show you that being single doesn’t mean being sad all the time. I will remind you of how real fun feels like. 


Well, at least we have each other, I guess… Just kidding, I’m more than satisfied with the fact that I’m spending this Valentine’s Day with you. Best friends are more than sweethearts, they are soulmates. Let’s celebrate this! 


You’re the one who makes my life wonderful. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day will be dedicated to you, best friend. I have prepared some fun activities, ordered your favourite food and made your favourite drinks. Can’t wait to meet you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to a friend

valentines day card for friend

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be sad and lonely. Even if you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you will always have me! I will make your every day special, buddy. Let’s make this February 14th unforgettable! 


I love spending February 14th with you! It’s a tradition, and no one can change it. Let’s go to a bar and get this party started! May our livers be strong, and our minds be clear. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend! On this day, I want to remind you that I love you like no one ever will. This love is the purest form of love. I said what I said. Let’s go out tonight and party till the world ends! 


I know that Valentine’s Day make you sad. Don’t worry, you will find someone who deserves you eventually. You’re just waiting for someone who will be able to make you the happiest human alive. Love you, babe! 


You know that you can’t hurry love, right? Just be patient, and it will come when you need it the most. I believe in that. Until then, let’s put a smile on your face and show this world that we don’t need anyone to be strong and beautiful! 

Valentine’s Day greetings for friends

valentine's day card for friend

Who said that Valentine’s day was made for lovers? I want to spend this lovely day with my best friend. I know we will have a lot fun and forget about our broken hearts. Happy Valentine’s day, buddy!


Can’t wait to spend the most incredible Valentine’s day with my best friend! Let’s forget about our broken hearts and promise each other that we will be together no matter what. Fries before guys, right? Happy Valentine’s day!


We’ll have the time of our lives, buddy! You are the only person I want to see on Valentine’s day. I know that our hearts have been broken, but today it doesn’t matter, because we have each other. That’s more than enough for me. Happy Valentine’s day!


Valentine’s Day is all about love, support and understanding each other. I can’t wrap my head around it. Why can’t we spend it with our best friends? I love you endlessly, accept and understand you, buddy. Happy Valentine’s day!


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the saddest day of the year. You can make me laugh even if I feel like I’m dying, therefore it won’t be hard for you to make me laugh today. I love you, friend. Happy Valentine’s day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day sayings for friends

Valentine's day messages for friends

Who said that Valentine’s day is only for lovers? Friends should celebrate it too! My love for you is so strong and pure, buddy, you are the best person I know, and I’m so happy to be with you today! Happy Valentine’s day.


So blessed to spend this Valentine’s day with my best friend! I don’t need any other half as long as you are with me. You make me so happy each and every day. Let’s have fun and forget about loneliness! Happy Valentine’s day!


Having you in my life is such a blessing. I’m so happy that we can spend this Valentine’s day together, forgetting about all of our worries. My heart is filled with love for you, friend. Happy Valentine’s day!


Valentine’s day is not about couples. It’s about love. And I have so much love for you, fella. Hope that this day will bring you a lot of positive vibes and good energy. You are the most beautiful human being in the world! Love you!


So happy to have an opportunity to tell you how much I love you. I know I don’t say it a lot, but you definitely need to hear this on Valentine’s day. Let’s celebrate love of all kinds! Happy Valentine’s day, mate.

Valentine’s Day messages for friends

valentine's day for friends

I congratulate you on Valentine’s Day! I wish that this day bring you many positive emotions, warm hugs and kisses. May the magic of this day follow you during your life!


With all my heart I wish that this wonderful holiday would remain as pleasant and full of love as today. You and your sweetheart deserve happiness together. Have a great holiday!


Love… Someone praises it to skies, someone curses it. But I wish that your love be happy and mutual and you never get disappointed in your beloved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day quotes for friends

valentine's day image for friends

Wish you to spend this wonderful day in the arms of your love. Being someone’s life meaning and guiding star – this is a real love. And I wish you to enjoy it in full this day. Happy Valentine’s Day!


If you’re alone, I wish you to fall in love. If you were betrayed, I wish you to meet somebody really special and reliable. If you have a honey, I wish you both to have an amazing Valentine’s Day and take care of each other!


I wish you a sea of love and happiness, many delightful evenings together with your sweetheart and passionate nights, lots of sweet words and tender kisses. And, what is more important, I wish you many beautiful years together. Happy Valentine ’s Day!


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Valentine’s Day wishes for friends

Valentine's Day wishes for friends

I want to congratulate all happy couples on Valentine’s Day and wish that every year your feelings for each other become only stronger. Cherish your love, because it’s the most precious thing in everyone’s life!


Love makes the world seem brighter, it makes all the feelings stronger and it helps us to find joy in the most unexpected things! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Eternal love has no limits and no boundaries. Love makes our hearts filled with joy! Happy Valentine‘s day!


It is difficult to write about love,
It comes like a tiny luck, sometimes not at the right time,
It shines like a small spark, but it turns into a flame very soon.
It is difficult to write about love, but it’s much more difficult to live without love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

The world is so big and so many people live in it. It isn’t easy to find your better half and manage to stay with it for the whole life. But if you do, you will be the happiest man on the Earth. Happy Valentine’s Day!


If you were a bird, I would wish you strong wings, because birds need freedom.
If you were a flower, I would wish you the brightly shining sun, because flowers need warmth.
If you were sea, I would wish you the biggest storm, because only storm define the power of sea.
But you are a human, so I wish you love, huge and endless like the sea!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you feel lonely, I wish that this amazing day bring you somebody really special, who would give meaning to your life. And if you have a beloved, I wish you to remind your honey how special he/she is. Happy Valentine’s Day!


This feeling has a name of Love.
It is so powerful and fragile.
It makes you dizzy like a good wine.
It makes the world go round.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is the greatest thing in the world and it really needs a special day to be honoured. Because love is the fundamental element of life and the best gift one can ever get. Wish you to meet the love of your life very soon.


Love is the crown of the nature.
It creates differences between all beings, separates them,
so that they could unite and be together again.
A few drops of love repays for the full cup of worries.
So fell in love and love forever!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is worth searching for it. Love is worth waiting for it. Love is worth suffering. But I wish that your love bring you much happiness, pleasure and harmony. Spend this Valentine ’s Day with your honey and show how much you love him/her!

Valentine’s day is the day for two, that’s why I want to wish all happy couples to thrive, get stronger over time and put the love first no matter what. Sending all my friends  lots of hugs.

On this special February day, I wish you to have somebody really close to your heart and reliable by your side. May this person take good care of you and give you love till the end of your life! Happy Valentine’s Day!

So many beautiful and romantic stories are related to Valentine’s Day! And this is not surprising, for this holiday is dedicated to a wonderful feeling – love. Hope that you are not short of this feeling and enjoy it fully! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish you to spend not only this Valentine’s Day in the arms of your sweetheart, but the whole life. Be happy and make your honey happy too.

Most often love is the reason of a broken heart. But love is also a cure for a broken heart – the most wonderful and effective one. I believe all your wounds be healed very soon. Happy Valentine’s Day!

May your heart fill with tenderness and thrill on Valentine’s Day! May your sweetheart delight you with a pleasant surprise! And may this wonderful feeling of love never leave you both!

I hope that you have a man in your life who will hold you tight today, whisper tender words of love in your ear and promise you to stay together forever. May these promises come true! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is art – beautiful, inspiring, but sometimes painful. Just as a real artist will suffer and live for the sake of art, real love will also endure pain and difficulties to become stronger and more beautiful. Happy Valentine’s day!

We all live for the moments that are able to inspire us and make happy. We all live for love and hope. We all live for people who are able to give us everything of the above, and Valentine’s Day is the best opportunity to thank them for it. Enjoy the holiday!

Today is the holiday of tenderness and romance. Today is the holiday of love! So may this wonderful feeling fill your life today and stay with you for long-long years. Happy Valentine’s Day!

February is a cold month, but you’ll never get cold if there’s someone who warms you up with tight hugs and warm kisses. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish that happiness and true love will come knocking on your door on Valentine’s Day! May your love be bright, pure, deep and eternal! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish that this evening would meet all your expectations and make all your heart’s desires come true. Happy Valentine’s Day!