Good night messages for her (girlfriend or wife)

Surprise your sweetheart by sending her sweet good night text or card. On this page we present you a large collection of good night messages for her with images that you can send to your girlfriend or wife. These cute good night wishes will bring the smile on her face and make her feel special. Hope that you will find the words that you like.

It doesn’t matter how

good night ecard for her

It doesn’t matter how bright and wonderful my dreams are, because they still can’t compare to these sweet moments when I’m with you. I can’t wait to wake up and see you again. Good night, darling.

Although I can‘t

Although I can‘t be together with you but I hug you very strong. I will be near you in your dreams. We will meet there!

Good night quotes for her

Good night wishes for her

The most cherished dream of mine is to appear in your dreams and make them really sweet and pleasant. Sleep well at night and gain strength, because an amazing day is waiting for us!

Some scientists say that

Some scientists say that star Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. I don’ t agree with them. The brightest stars I’ve ever seen were your beautiful eyes. Sleep tight, honey.

Good night messages for her

good night messages for her

Night follows day, the moon gets bigger, even the stars change their positions. Everything changes in this mutable world, but not my love for you. It was, is and forever will be the same. Sleep well, my princess.

This night is so

This night is so quiet and there are so many stars in the sky… I’m standing near the window and thinking about the past times when people used stars to find their way. But you know, I don’t need any stars, because the only guiding star for me is you.

My love, I always

good night image for her

My love, I always admired you! You manage to do so many things during the day and I’m really proud of you. But let yourself get some rest this night. Sleep well and don’t worry about a thing.

Nothing can compare

Nothing can compare to your incredible beauty: neither the light of a thousand stars, nor the moonlight. You are the most wonderful creature in the whole Universe and I love you endlessly. Good night, my love.

May the stars sing

good night text for her

May the stars sing you a lullaby of love this night and may the moon guard your sleep! Sleep well, sweetheart.

Good night quotes

I wish I could pick up the stars and bring them to you,
So that your sweetest dreams come true.
Good night, honey, sleep tight!

My darling, I wish

good night card for her

My darling, I wish you to sleep well this night and prepare for an exciting day. May only sweet dreams visit you this night and bring all my love and tenderness with them!

I’ve been thinking

I’ve been thinking about you all day. And it seems to me that I won’t stop doing it even at night. I recall your angel face, big blue eyes and tender voice… Honey, you are perfect to me. Wish you to have the most amazing dreams this night.

I couldn’t sleep since

I couldn’t sleep since I met you. And now I’m lying awake and thinking about you. Again. Baby, you drive me crazy. Although I expect reciprocity, your precious sleep is more important to me, so sleep tight.

I am going to sleep

good night quotes for her

I am going to sleep and I am wishing you sweet dreams and sending you a kiss, I love you so much…

Although we are miles

Although we are miles away, I still can imagine you lying next to me and breathing quietly. You’re so beautiful and peaceful when you sleep. Send you lots of hugs and kisses. Sleep well.

I wish I had an

I wish I had an opportunity to show you the most wonderful dreams. I wish I had an opportunity to warm you up every time you get cold at night. Sleep well, my sweet princess.

May this night take

May this night take away all your heavy and disturbing thoughts and show you many bright and wonderful dreams where we are together. Wish you a good night, my dear.

May this wonderful

May this wonderful night give you a wonderful adventure to the places where you’ll become happy. And I’ll take care of your happiness when you wake up. Good night, honey.

My sweetheart, I wish

My sweetheart, I wish you to get a good rest and fulfil with energy for the whole day. Sleep well and don’t worry about a thing – I’ll guard your sleep and make all your nightmares go away.

Good Night Love!! I fall

Good Night Love!! I fall asleep every night with a big smile on my face because I am sure that when I wake up I am going to meet the person who puts it there.

I literally just can’t

I literally just can’t describe, how I feel. Remember that the night is not forever, but our love definitely is. Have a good night sleep.

Let me tell you the

Let me tell you the reason why moon is shining so bright tonight? It is due to the fact that it is trying to be as beautiful as you are. Have a lovely and awesome night.

Good Night and Sweet

Good Night and Sweet Dreams my lovely girlfriend/wife. This message is definitely a guarantee that you’ll have awesome dreams and will wake up with a SMILE on your face.

Sweet dreams love!! Even

Sweet dreams love!! Even though thousands of stars shine bright in the sky. But, you’re the one and only shining star of my life.

Not once in my

Not once in my life I will be able to fall asleep, until I message my baby. Even if I may be tired or sleepy. Good Night Love <3

Good night, my precious

Good night, my precious, can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

You are the one and

You are the one and only who can light my nights up. Now, the moon is jealous of you and angry at me. Good Night Love!

This quote has the

This quote has the following attachment. The cosiest hug, sweetest kiss, the cutest cuddle and warmest snuggle. Good night and sleep tight.

I want to be a cool

I want to be a cool breeze in the darkness of night that gives you goose bumps till you sleep. Good night.

I would like to hear

I would like to hear the word “Love“, such gentle and quiet, to hug you and fall asleep near you. Have sweet dreams.

The dark night has

The dark night has come,
An insane silence is outside,
And you are not here!
I am so sad, I want to cry,
But the night will pass
And the morning will come,
I will smile again because we will meet.

Before I fall asleep

Before I fall asleep I would like to see you, I would like to see that warmth in your eyes which makes me feel so good. I want to feel your body and the warmth of your hands. I would like to feel tenderness and sweetness of your lips…. Sleep well.

It is dark and cold

It is dark and cold outside,
It is warm and cosy in your bed,
I wish to come quietly to you and wish you sweet dreams.

Touch me like the

Touch me like the night touches the stars…
Kiss my lips like the moon kisses the ground
Feel the sweetness of the kiss…. sweet dreams.

If you knock at the

If you knock at the door of dreams
Mr. Sleep will open it for you,
There you will see me, have sweet dreams!

The sun sets in the

The sun sets in the west, the sunbeam hides on the bed sheets. The moon shines in the sky and the moonlight reflects in your eyes. The dream falls from the stars and covers you with sweet sleep.

Your voice sounds to me

Your voice sounds to me like an angel‘s voice,
Your presence is like never ending love story,
When you wish me sweet dreams it sound like a melody,
I love you!

I have just had a telephone

I have just had a telephone call from Inspector Dream, his surname is Goodnight. He told me, that all nightmares are arrested and detained. So you can sleep well…. Good night.

Lie down slowly to

Lie down slowly to your bed, close your eyes and think of nothing.
And when you feel that you are in a dream, look around, maybe you will meet me there?

As the moon sings

As the moon sings lullaby and the stars kiss your eyes, I wish you sweet dreams, honey.

The night is quietly

The night is quietly coming and knocking at your door.
I am carrying the sweetest dream for you across the sky
And gently saying „Good night“.

Look around, it’s dark

Look around, it’s dark outside,
So many stars are shining bright,
I am charmed by this amazing sky,
But more by you, my sweetie pie.

I would like to cover you

I would like to cover you with warm wings of love,
Give you a hot hug and kiss you very gently.
Have beautiful dreams, sweetheart.

Good night quotes for her

If I were the wind, I would pat your hair
If I were night, I would close your eyes.
But I will be a dream and I am coming to you.
Night night, sweety.

Small stars are sleeping

Small stars are sleeping,
And I’m going to bed too,
Wishing you sweet dreams
And whispering “I love you”.

I am a sweet dream

I am a sweet dream and I come to you,
Bringing a handful of colourful dreams.
Night night, beauty!

The night has come

The night has come, so close your eyes,
Small star will take you to the sky,
Where you will see a lovely dream.
Good night to you, my beautiful queen!

Goodnight, my sweetheart

Goodnight, my sweetheart,
When you fall asleep,
The stars will be shining
And taking care of you,
While I cannot be near.

I wish I could turn

I wish I could turn into a night butterfly tonight and fly through your open window to say “Good night”.

Little stars are shining

Little stars are shining in the sky,
I pick up the most beautiful one and give it to you!
Sleep well, beauty!